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Unlike conventional torrent clients, such as uTorrent, BitTorrent, qBittorrent, etc., does not require you to download any software or application on to your system. It provides you with a private cloud storage cum free torrent client service. Of course, there are a few limitations on a free account, but overall it is more than what someone could ask.

Some of the quick highlights of its features are audio and video streaming, batch download capability, maintain anonymity, etc. Apart from torrent files, you can also download files from YouTube, 4Shared, Novafile, Mediafire, nitroflare, uploaded, etc.


Our verdict

 No need to install any software

Easy to use

Your IP address remains hidden

No download limitations

 Has Ads

Limit on size of file

Downloaded files are stored for a limited time

Application size and resource usage

Application size and resource usage will remain an area of concern for other torrent clients but not with You are not downloading any software on your PC. Everything is happening on its website or web server. This is the most significant benefit of any online BitTorrent client.

User experience

The web page of is neat and clean. You will not see a lot of option as compared to any other torrent client, and hence there is no learning curve at all. As soon as you create your account, you are good to go. The top header has a field to insert torrent magnet link, private torrent link, YouTube link, etc.

You can select your downloaded files view as a list, thumbnail or media player. The free version has advertisements all over the place, which is little irritating. But nothing is obstructing your view, and you can ignore it for sure. You also get an option to create folders to arrange your downloaded files.


You can download no more than two torrent files at a time. So, if you have started downloading two torrent files, then you cannot start the third one, unless until, either of previous two files finishes up. Free version also has restrictions on download limit in one shot. The limit is 200 MB.

For example, you want to download some 1 GB torrent file which has several individual files of size less than 100 MB. will not download them all in one go since there is a cap. You will be asked to pick the ones which you would give preference within the limit of 200 MB. This way, you can download everything in pieces. I know, it sounds boring but free version will have its limitations.

The downloaded torrent file will only stay on server for three days, and after that, they will be wiped out. You will have to download the files on your PC within this period. You will also get the email notification once your torrent file gets downloaded.

However, the total available storage for a free account is 200 GB. This could be more than enough for an average user, but as you get used to this service, even this would look too less for your needs.

Typically, when you download torrents from any typical torrent client, your IP is open to the public. The workaround is either VPN or Proxy server. But anonymity is free on FileStream platform. Your IP is hidden, and the download happens on your behalf without revealing your IP details. It also follows HTPPS. This is kind of cool, and you will save a considerable amount of money on VPN.

It also has other features such as file conversion and video & audio streaming. But they are not available to free users.

Paid plans on has three types of paid plans as Bronze, Silver and Gold. You either go for 365 days or 30 days plan. 365 days plan has 30% additional savings as compared to 30 days plan. Gold 365 days plan may cost you $79.8 yearly.


Mobile application and extension

There is an Android application for mobile users. Also, you can install its Chrome extension to speed up your file download process. I had a great experience opening on Chrome browser with its extension installed. It is worth mentioning that you can open its website in any available browsers.

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