12 Best Torrent Websites to Find Free Music Torrent Files


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If you are a music lover or someone who is looking for music raw files, then music torrent sites could be the best alternative to other free music download platforms. You will find millions of music torrents in different quality and audio formats such as MP3, WAV, FLAC, ALAC, AAC, lossless, lossy, etc.

There are some public music torrent websites, such as Pirate Bay, RARBG, LimeTorrents, TorLock, Kickasstorrents, ExtraTorrent, 1337X, etc., which has a massive collection of music torrents.

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But if you are looking for torrent sites built explicitly for music community then there are some worthy contenders such as bt.etree.org, MixtapeTorrent, Metal-Tracker, APOLLO, Waffles, etc. Some of them are public, and others are public torrent websites.

Unfortunately, nothing stays permanent in the torrent world. Legal enforcement agencies are after many such websites which are serving pirated content. You never know when your favourite music torrent site is going to go down the drain.

This article talks about best music torrent website and also, we will be updating this post on a Bi-monthly basis. The ranking of these torrent portals is based on our experience and Alexa ranking.

The best private music torrent sites: Updated January 2018


Apollo is a ratio based torrent tracker and private torrent site. It primarily has music torrents.  You can sign up on Apollo.rip via member’s invite on IRC forums. After the shutdown of What.CD in the year 2016, several sites came up, and Apollo is one of them.

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It is a framework which is based on Gazelle, which was first introduced by What.CD in the year 2008. You will find all music categories in several genres.

Alexa Ranking: 36,743 (Global)


Waffles is another private music torrent tracker which again came into existence after the shutdown of What.CD. It has music torrents in various categories such as remixes, Indie, Indie Rock, Rock, Classical Music, Pop, Soul, Dance, etc.

Also, you will be able to get music in popular formats like Lossless, raw file, FLAC, MP3, AAC, etc. A tracker has to sign up via private invitation only.

Alexa Ranking: 77,506 (Global)


Redacted or RED is an invite based private music tracker torrent website. You can find lossy as well as lossless music files on this site. Apart from music torrents, you can find a collection of audiobooks, audio software, music-related eBooks, etc. All files have many seeders. All in all, Redacted is a heaven for music lovers.

You can only become a member of this portal if you have an invite. You have to pass through RED interview for getting that invite. The whole motive is to get only active users. This is the reason, why RED could be one of the best music torrent alternatives. You can get the interview details from the RED portal.

Alexa Ranking: 24,469 (Global)

The best public music torrent sites: Updated January 2018


etree.org community runs this website for sharing the live concert recordings of Trade-friendly bands and artists. Everything regarding music is free & legal on this site. Also, live recordings are compressed using lossless compression methods.

Alexa Ranking: 94,620 (Global)


Here, you can get music from genres like West Cost, Dance Hall, RnB, Reggae, etc. All music torrents are free to download. You will find music from a variety of DJs.

Alexa Ranking: 72,622 (Global)


Metal Tracker is a Russian music torrent tracker which has mainly music from metal genres such as Death Metal, Thrash Metal, Black Metal, Doom Metal, Folk Metal, Rock and other heavy music. The website is available in Russian as well as the English language.

Alexa Ranking: 22,457 (Global)

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay again tops our list of public torrent websites since it is continually accessible portal and also it has a large collection of free music torrents. This is also the oldest of all similar sites. It contains other stuff too such as films, games, software, eBooks, etc.

Alexa Ranking: 104 (Global)


RARBG gained popularity among movies, music and TV show pirates. Although, this website is blocked in countries like UK, India, Portugal, Netherlands and Turkey.

It has a great collection of songs, feature films, games and other torrents. You can use various torrent proxies to open it in countries where it is blocked.

Alexa Ranking: 283 (Global)


1337x is a torrent site which offers a variety of verified torrents including music, movies television series and games. Last year, the whole design of this portal was revamped.

1337x is blocked in some countries like UK, Italy and Australia. You can unblock it via 1337x.st URL.

Alexa Ranking: 312 (Global)


Torrentz2 is the clone of the original Torrentz. It is a wonderful torrent meta-search engine. It displays results from some other torrent websites and has a massive list of 75 torrent sites and around 55 million torrent files.

You also get voting and commenting facility from which you can easily make out the quality of any torrent. And you can easily find out thousands of music torrent by using its meta-search engine facility.

Alexa Ranking: 330 (Global)


Katcr.co is the latest version of original kat.ph or Kickass torrents, which was blocked a few months back. Katcr.co has an amazing collection of music torrents. Other than music it has movies, software, eBooks, etc.

Alexa Ranking: 5107 (Global)


The original version of ExtraTorrent is already taken down. It was a setback to all torrent lovers. But soon, ExtraTorrent.cc was launched. The new site looks similar to the original version.

It has a great collection of music torrents and other torrents such as movies, games, software, eBooks, etc.

Alexa Ranking: 6730 (Global)

Disclaimer: Stemjar doesn’t support the distribution of illegal music torrents through these portals. If you distribute or use copyrighted music illegally, you can be sued by the production houses.

If you are looking for some legal websites to find free music downloads, you can go through our reviews of Audio Archive, FMA, Jamendo, PureVolume, CCTrax, SoundClick, Noisetrade, etc.

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