Do You Know How to Use Google to Find Phone Number?

Since the advent of telecommunication, telephone directory has been a standard tool for finding phone numbers related to the name of any person or business. Unfortunately, you cannot carry that thick & large book with you all the time. How about taking help from biggest web search engines like Google? Luckily, Google’s massive database of information can come to your rescue in searching for any phone number irrespective of whether it belongs to a person, local business, big organisation or even a non-profit organisation.

Some of you may not be aware that Google once had phone book feature. However, Google shut it down back in 2010 when many users complained of a breach in their privacy. But still, you can search Google with specific search queries to find phone numbers.


Pre-requisite for a number to index on Google

Google does have a massive database of information, which are indexed directly from a range of public resources available over the internet. It means that a phone number should be available in the public space for Google to capture it in its data bank.

If someone has not disclosed his/her phone number anywhere on the internet then no online service, including Google, can help you in finding that number.

Personal phone number

Mostly, people will not publicly provide their private telephone number on the internet. But if the guy is a service provider, then chances are higher that it will give its details on various public directory services. Open and follow these steps:

  • User name and zip code – You shall enter following search query “first name last name zip code” in the Google’s search box. For example -. Johny Lee 77018
  • User name and city name or state code – If your searched name is too common then you can try this search string “first name last name city state” or “first name last name city” or “first name last name state

Business phone number

When it comes to business number, Google tops the list of any service or website which provide similar information. Also, Google will list down details like social media ratings, votes and shares along with phone number, basic details. Here are the multiples ways of doing this:

  • Use simple web search on a business name, and if it has earned a big name, then you will positively get the details like phone number, location, pictures, etc. For example, if you want to look for “Firestone” then just type in “Firestone”. Google will track your location and mostly show the nearest “Firestone” store.
  • Another way of searching contact details of any business is by searching business name plus city. For example, if you want to search for a grocery store in New Orleans then you can enter search query as “Grocery Store Name New Orleans”.
  • If the above steps do not work out then additionally you can try business name plus zip code or state code. Google will most probably reveal the phone number details.

Note: This method may not work for a business whose domain age is less than a couple of weeks or months. Google takes its own sweet time in indexing websites and may not provide you with any results.

Most of the websites contain contact details

Like I said, if the website is not sufficiently aged then the chances are very bleak that it will rank in search engine results page (SERP). However, since you know the website, you may find the contact details on pages like – About Us, Contact Us, Help, or Support.

Still, if you are facing any difficulty then you can perform Google search by entering this query “contact us”. You can replace Stemjar with any other website name and can also try to use “about us”, “help” and “support” instead of “contact us”.

Google can perform reverse phone lookup

Google can also help you with reverse phone number lookup, provided the number satisfies two conditions:

  1. The number shall not be a cell phone number. Google’s reverse phone lookup functionality only works with landline numbers.
  2. As mentioned before, the number shall be listed in a public directory.

You have to enter the landline number in the Google’s search box with hyphens. For example, if the phone number is 4442221111 then you have to type in 444-222-1111.


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