Flavor Flav Net Worth

A rapper, television personality, and an actor, Flavor Flav’s net worth is estimated to be nearly $3 million. His actual name is William Drayton Jr and was born on 16th of March,1969 in New York. He was very talented in music from a very young age. He started playing piano at the age of five.

Flav taught himself how to play the piano and drums, he also sang in the church choir and can play many instruments. He has been married thrice and has seven children.

Earnings that comprise Flavor Flav Net Worth of $3M

Music career

  • He is most popular as a member of the hip-hop group called ‘Public Enemy’ which was put together in 1982 and signed with Def Jam Records in 1986. Their debut album ‘Yo! Bum rush the show’ is considered to be one of the best hip-hop albums
  • The group released 12 albums in total
  • In 2006, he released his solo album titled ‘Hollywood.’
  • He has also made guest appearances in music videos of Snoop Dogg, Will Smith, P.Diddy, Wu-Tang clan etc.

TV series

  • The reality TV series ‘Strange love’ in 2005 earned Flav $50,000
  • His venture ‘Flavor of Love’ earned him $100,000 in 2006
  • He also appeared on ‘The Surreal Life’ and ‘Comedy Central.’
  • He was a host on WWE Raw, 2011 and at the 12th annual Gathering of the Juggalos.
  • Flav also made an appearance on one of the most successful animated sitcoms ‘The Simpsons.’

Vehicle collection

There is not much known about his collection of vehicles. He owns a Honda Car as far as we can tell.

Endorsements and Ventures

  • In 2011, Flav opened his chain of restaurants with the name ‘Flav’s fried chicken.’
  • He also owns Flav’s House of Flavor and Flav’s Chicken and Ribs
  • In 2009, Flav was introduced as a character in the PS Game Pain
  • He appeared on a Pepsico ad with Elton John
  • He even endorsed Gold’n plump
  • His trademark phrase ‘Yea boy’ made him known among many people.


  • Flavor Flav owns a home in Los Angeles as well as New York, his hometown
  • He resides at a house in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is 3,708 square foot with a 4-bedroom, 3-bathroom house that he had purchased in 2008 for an approximate amount of $685,000


Flavor Flav is a rising star and is said to be a very talented musician. He is considered an upcoming rapper and will hopefully soon make it even bigger than he already is. For someone who had a rough childhood, he has come a long way.

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