Floyd Mayweather Net Worth
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The American former professional boxer and professional boxing promoter, Floyd Joy Mayweather Jr. has a speculated net worth of $340 million, as reported by Forbes. Boxing champion is viewed as a standout amongst other pound-for-pound boxing of his age.

High Points

When it comes to the world of boxing, the name of Floyd Mayweather is regularly recorded on the top of the most talented and the best contenders of today. Amid his vocation, he has shown a savage mix of energy, speed and also a characteristic impulse in his every match.

He contended from 1996 to 2007 and 2009 to 2015 and made a one-battle rebound in 2017. Amid his vocation, he held numerous world titles in five weight classes and the lineal title in four weight classes (twice at welterweight), and resigned with an undefeated record of 50– 0, outperforming Rocky Marciano’s record of 49 – 0.

He is one of the game’s best defensive contenders. His record is stellar, and he never lost a battle, recording 49 wins which include 26 KOs, and no losses.

His abilities and want to end up the best warrior drove him to various uneven triumphs in title coordinates also. Alongside the title of the best boxer to date, Forbes has additionally recognised him for three straight years, 2012, 2013 and 2014.

Early Days

His initial life was extremely confused. In 1993 his dad was condemned to jail on cocaine trafficking charges. After that he was remaining with his mom in New Jersey; they were poor to the point that there were seven of, all of whom were packed in only one room.

His mom likewise turned into an addict and his aunt passed away due to AIDS infection, because of intravenous transfusion of the contaminated blood into her entire body.

Career Highlights

Disregarding his family issues, Mayweather discovered peace and control in the ring. Amid his more youthful years, he was known as “Pretty boy” for his unmarked face.

As a novice, he won the national Golden Gloves in 1993, 1994, and 1996 with his quick, exact style. Mayweather’s pre-proficient vocation went ahead a severe note at the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta when he lost a disputable choice to Bulgaria’s Serafim Todorov and was compelled to make due with a bronze award in featherweight elimination rounds division.

On October 11, 1996, Mayweather turned as an ace. His dad filled in as his supervisor and coach after his discharge from jail. In initial two years as, the genius he won numerous sessions.

He went ahead to battle at five separate weight divisions in his vocation, winning world titles in those divisions and gathering 15 title belts by and large. He turned into the main U.S. Olympian to win a world confining title 1996.

He won his first world title the WBC super featherweight title in 1998, WBC lightweight title in 2002, the WBC super lightweight title in 2005 and the IBF, IBO, WBC and IBA welterweight titles in 2006. In 2007 he vanquished Oscar De La Hoya for the WBC super welterweight crown.

Controversies and personal life

Mayweather was engaged to Shantel Jackson. However, the couple separated before getting married. He is a father of four children and right now lives in Las Vegas.

Since 2002, he was arrested many times for violence and battery. In 2011 December, he was indicted to 90 days in prison in the wake of conceding on a charge of domestic violence.

Mayweather’s car collection:

His collection of cars is huge. It includes:

  • Bentley Mulsanne
  • Bugatti Veyron
  • Ferrari 458 Italia
  • Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano
  • McLaren 650S
  • Ferrari Enzo
  • Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG
  • Lamborghini Aventador
  • Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet
  • Rolls-Royce Phantom