Know these services for getting Free DVD Rentals

Are you looking for frugal ways of watching movies? If yes, then you cannot miss on to something like free DVD rentals. Even today, movie DVD could be a great option to watch Hollywood hits at your convenience. You can also save a few dollars and avoid the hassle of going to the movie theatre for watching a film.

In this article, I am going to list down three certain ways to get free DVD rentals. In one of these methods, you can even get free movie DVDs by mail at your doorstep.

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#1.Netflix: One of the biggest source of free DVD rentals

Netflix is a paid entertainment network which provides video-on-demand online, streaming videos and DVD by mail. However, if you are a new customer then Netflix provides you with an opportunity to get one month of free trial.

Netflix is one of the biggest source of DVDs on rent

You just have to sign up for any of these three paid plans and can rent unlimited free DVDs for one complete month.

Netflix paid plans to get you first free month trial

I would recommend you to go for its Premier plan where you can rent two discs at a time. There are no late fees but you can rent another set of free DVDs unless until you return what you have rented before.

I am not a big fan of Netflix’s paid plans as they are not competitive. Make sure to cancel your subscription before 30 days from the date of registration. Otherwise, you will be charged in full.

#2. Redbox: Releases codes every month to rent free DVDs

Redbox is the only company which specializes in movie rentals. It charges around $1 for movie DVD and between $1.5 to $4.99 for Blu-ray discs and video games.

Free Redbox Codes

But how many of you know that every month Redbox releases free codes to either get free DVD rentals from its kiosk or stream movies online on its portal.

Yes, you heard me right. If you are a new customer then you get can rent a free DVD for one day just by signing up on their site. There are also other ways of getting its free codes by joining Play Pass Program, Text club, Social media pages, etc. The code is only valid for one-time use per customer.

Please make a note that you will be charged if you fail to return your DVDs before 9 p.m. on next day of your rental.

#3. Local public library: Rent free movie DVDs from your nearest library

Are you a member of a local public library? If yes, then you just got lucky as most of the public libraries issue free DVD rentals. Do not worry if you are not associated with any public library since anyone can sign up for a free library membership.

rent free DVDs from your public library

You will be surprised to know that public libraries lend an average of 2.1 million movies per day. The number is more than combined figures of Netflix, Redbox & Blockbuster. In short, you cannot afford to ignore this option if you are looking for free library DVD rentals.

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