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Watch free Movies on Internet Archive

As of date, The Internet Archive website has 279 billion web pages. Also, it has three million videos which include free online movies, television news programs, video clippings, commercials, etc. Its movie archive has full-length feature films, world cultural documentaries, movie trailers, etc. You can not only watch free movies online but can also download movies for offline viewing purposes.

Unlike any other illegal movie website, Internet Archive offers 100% legal, safe and free movie downloads. Although, if you are looking for a recent release on this site then you are probably in the wrong place. I would suggest you go for paid subscription plans from Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, etc. for watching latest flicks.


Movie archive on Internet Archive

All movies are divided into several genres such as Feature Films, Sci-Fi/Horror, Comedy films, Short Format Films, Silent films, Drama, Family, etc. Also, you can sort movies per date archived, title, creator, year, topics, collection, etc. You will find every possible opportunity of sorting videos. The movie archive is so vast that sometimes you may forget your original intention after you get involved for a while.

You can click a movie of your choice and read its review and other details. You will also get the option to download per the required format. If you have the virtual library card or login credentials, then you can provide your review, mark it favorite, flag and share the movie.

Do you need anything extra to watch movies?

Certainly no! There is no requirement any specific software other than Adobe Flash, which is nowadays supported by various web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc.

Sometimes, your smartphone is enough to watch movies on Internet Archive.

A virtual library card or register at Internet Archive

You can too become a virtual member of this vast digital library. Internet Archive website provides you with lifetime opportunity of free registration. Just to make it clear, registration is not mandatory for watching or downloading movies.

You need a virtual library card or user id for uploading movies, providing your reviews about movies, making favorite list of content, participating in a forum, etc. You can register quickly on their website.

Mobile application

Like any other popular movie streaming service, even Internet Archive has app for your smartphone. You can easily watch movies via Internet Archive movie streaming app on your mobile.


Movie quality

Various users, like us, upload movies or videos. So, Internet Archive hardly has any control over it. I have seen HD short films, documentaries, and a few news. Overall, most of the movies have DVD print.

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