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Free Music Archive is among the most reliable websites to find music to download mp3 songs for commercial purposes such as for a YouTube video, ad commercial, radio, podcast, etc. It is run by America’s famous FM – WFMU.

You need not worry about the quality, legality, and originality of any audio. The songs are curated by trusted radio or broadcasting providers, and other curators such as WFMU, KEXP-FM (90.3), Music for Video, blocSonic, Golden Festival, Dublab, 12 Rec, 23 Seconds, 45 RPM Records, Cash Music, and a lot of others!

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Each mp3 track available to download has its own level of usage. You may be allowed to listen to a song but not use it for a commercial purpose; you may be entitled to use a track but not mix/remix, etc. These levels of usage are taken care by providing the relevant license for the music.

They call themselves to be inspired by the works of which is another website to connect listeners, artists, and buyers. They are the ones that take care of the Creative Commons License.

In this post, I have tried to provide a Free Music Archive Review in which I will be rating the site experience, music library, compatibility with devices, etc.

Website & App Experience

Well, the site opens really fast considering all that database they must be maintaining!

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It’s easy to navigate. You can explore the various categories of Curators, Genres, Charts, etc. from the Menu Bar. If you’re looking for a specific song or artist, you can type it in the search bar for quick results.

FMA Free music

There’s no need to sign in if you’re browsing only to listen & download mp3 songs. Unlike many other websites such as Amazon.

For the people who want to upload songs, you may have to take a different route. However, in this post, we will only look into finding and downloading free songs from the site.

Exploring homepage – Ad free

There’s a lot to explore on the homepage itself, such as the Featured Blog Post about an artist, Recent and Most Interesting Highlights, etc. There are options to follow them on their social handles of Facebook and Twitter. The best part – there are no advertisements on the website. It’s meant for only one thing – Music.

All that, being a non-profit organization, is great! I’d give them a 9/10 for the experience of website and iOS App. I am sure it will be a similar experience with the Android app as well.

Exploring Music

Music Library

Free Music Archive reached a collection of 100,000 songs in 2016. Starting the project in 2009 and achieving this number in 7 years is nothing but remarkable.

Some of the bands and artists you can find on FMA are Kevin Macleod, Swans, Lightning Bolt, Suicide, Nine Inch Nails, Elliott Sharp, etc.

Enthusiast by Tours on FMA

They offer various Genres of music such as Electronic, Pop, Rock, Instrumental, Classical, Folk, Old Time’s songs, etc.
Some of the recent and popular songs on FMA are Enthusiast by Tours, Blue Highway by Podington Bear, Night Owl by Broke For Free, etc.

Music Player & Quality

To listen to a song, you can click on the Play button, and to download the song, click on the down arrow. It’s simple, but there are no other Player Options per se. However, you get to see a lot of other information such as the number of listens, downloads, length and genre of song, etc.

For the Quality, you will get a 320 Kbps bitrate mp3 song. I find the quality of music better than Jamendo and PureVolume.

You can find Kevin Macleod’s album here and give it a shot yourself. Overall, I can say that for the range of music, it’s a 7/10. For the quality of mp3 music downloads, an 8/10.

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