17 Working Free Redbox Codes & 7 Ways of Getting More Promotional Coupons

Free Redbox Codes

Free Redbox codes will enable you to rent free movie DVDs for one day. You can even get a discount on Blu-ray discs and video games equivalent to the value of the Redbox promo code. The promotional code can be applied while renting DVDs, Blu-ray discs & video games on the Redbox kiosk and even on the Redbox online portal.

You have to enter the Redbox promotional coupon code during checkout to avail one day free rental movies. It is to be noted that Redbox keeps on updating their free promotional codes that are valid for 45 days. So, this article is updated on a regular basis to provide you with working free Redbox codes.


Also, it is worth to know specific guidelines for using these promo codes. Let us not further waste time and learn some working free Redbox codes to get you free movie rentals.

How can I get free promo codes from Redbox?

There two ways in which you can get promotional codes from Redbox. The first way is through email. You can sign-up here to receive periodic offers from Redbox. Another way is via text alerts. You can just text the word REDBOX (Valid for first-time customers) to 727272. Also, there are other messages like MOVIENIGHT, EMAIL, PUSH, MOVIE TIME, MOVIE and DEAL which you can text to 727272 for getting unique promotional coupons.

All the above promo codes will get you a chance to get a free one-day movie DVD rental. You can also use the coupons on its online portal, i.e. Redbox.com and stream a free online movie. It is to be noted that you will not be able to rent out completely free Blu-ray discs and video games with these codes. However, $1.5 discount will be applied to the final check out process.

Other free Redbox codes

Some of these codes are specific to particular Redbox location and may not work for all. However, it is worthwhile to try out below possibilities as you never know if it could work for you.

  • WALGREENS – Only at Walgreen’s locations
  • DVDKROG – Only at Kroger’s locations
  • DRIVEIN – Only at Sonic locations
  • DVDATWAG – Only at Walgreen’s locations
  • DVDATWEG – Only at Wegman’s locations
  • RDBOXHEB – Only at HEB store
  • GAMEKIDS – This is the only free Redbox promo code to get one-day video game rental

Please keep in mind that you can only use above once with any particular credit or debit card. If you run out of option, then I would recommend you to look for other ways to watch free movies online and download free films from the internet.

7 Other ways of getting free Redbox codes

Till now we saw how you could get free promo codes via signing up Redbox email and texting different texts to 727272. But there are other ways to keep you informed about latest Redbox information. Let us take a stab one by one.

#7. Join the Redbox Play Pass program

It does not matter whether you have an account on Redbox or not, you have to join the Redbox Play Pass Program additionally. Play Pass is unique reward program where you get many chances to rent free movies. Primarily, you will earn 10 points for every rental, and once you reach 100 points, you will be able to borrow DVD, Blu-ray disc or video game.

Also, Redbox will send you free rental code on your birthday and your Play Pass anniversary. Redbox also runs deals where you can earn 20 or more credit points instead of 10 when you rent movies.

#6. Download Redbox App on your mobile to get free Redbox code

This is a no-brainer as you just have to download Redbox app on your smartphone. Do turn on the push notification since you will get your free rental code after some time. Usually, it takes few minutes to one hour.

Not to mention, this option is valid only when you are downloading its application for the first-time.

#5. Join Redbox Text Club to get free rental codes

Redbox Text Club is a group of customers who are looking for good deals sent to their mobile phones. Sometimes, you may receive free Redbox codes to rent free DVDs too. You can just add yourself to the Text Club by sending SMS as SIGNUP from your phone to 727272.

Do not worry, Redbox won’t spam you. They do not send more than two messages per week.

#4. Redbox kiosk establishment may provide you free codes

Redbox has 42,000 kiosks at more than 34000 locations. Some of these places are fast food joints, convenience stores or even megastores such as HEB, Walgreens, Kroger, etc. You may find Redbox free code at these locations in the form of flyers, receipts and banners.

Be watchful while you visit any of these locations.

#3. Make a first-time reservation & you will get Redbox free rental code

If you are a first timer on Redbox, then you are entitled to get one free rental. You have to sign-up on Redbox online portal and reserve a movie by paying the applicable amount for that particular film.

After you have picked up the movie from the kiosk, you will get a free code or credit in your Redbox account. Easy! Isn’t it!

#2. Follow Redox Instagram page for freebies

If you are on Instagram, then you would like to follow Redbox account. It posts free giveaways pics on Instagram and could be one the source to get free codes to rent movies.

Redbox Instagram page giving freebies


#1. Like Redbox’s Facebook fan page to get first stand info about free codes

Time to time, Redbox provides a lot of freebies on its Facebook page. Like its Facebook fan page to get all the Redbox deals and promotions, which also includes free movie rental code, in your newsfeed.

Sign up Redbox Facebook page to get details of free Redbox codes


Q: Can I use Redbox promo code on Redbox mobile app and its online portal?

A: Usually, most of the Redbox codes only work at the kiosk. You should check the text, email or website details from where you get free Redbox codes. However, there is no harm in trying the coupon codes on the Redbox mobile application or online portal. Sometimes they work in the box as well as online.

Q: Will I be charged, if I use the promo code?

A: It depends. You can only rent out free movie DVDs for one night through a promotional code. Although, in the case of Blu-ray or video game, you will get a discount equivalent to the promo code.


Q: Why do I need to mention my credit or debit card details if I have a promo code?

A: Promo code gets tied up with the credit or debit card which you enter at the time of checking out. You cannot use the same coupon code once again with the same card. Also, your card stands as assurance if you would like to hold on to the movie DVD for more than one day.

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