5 Ways to Carry Out Reverse Cell Phone Lookup

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Finding someone’s cell phone number is no joke. The very purpose of a mobile number is to maintain privacy. But still, reverse cell phone lookup is possible. Sometimes, people do not mind giving their details on publicly visible websites, social media & online directories. Thereby, sites such as Google, Facebook, Ppl, Peekyou, SpyDialer, etc., which also have inbuilt search engine functionality, crawl and index all the information available in the public domain.

All these services are free of cost and cannot guarantee you one hundred percent success in finding cell phone number details. That’s why it is important to know multiple services so that you can try one after another until you have the required information.


There is a cut-throat competition in the US market and big mobile operators like AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, etc. would not give away their millions worth data just like that.

#1. Google can help you free cell phone number lookup

Do you know that once upon a time, Google had a hidden feature of Phonebook? But, in 2010, after a lot of people complained of the data breach, Google removed this feature. However, you can still lookup any cell number on Google by entering the full mobile number with area code. For example, you can type in something like this “832-000-0000” (with hyphens).

Also, Google can help you in finding cell phone numbers of people and businesses. You have to enter specific search queries like “first name last name zip code” or “first name last name city state” (without ” “). First few results should be enough to satisfy your needs.

#2. Facebook has a massive database of public information such as cell phone number

Facebook can come to your rescue if you want to search for details on any mobile number. You can look into your private network as well as outside your connection. But if anybody does not wish to reveal the phone number then there is no way in which you could search his/her number.

You have to enter the entire number, including area code, in the Facebook search bar and hit enter. If the number has no privacy settings, then it will come automatically in the search results. Also, Facebook could be a goldmine to search for people as well.

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#3. Use specialized search engines for finding people

Do you know that there are specific search engines, such as Pipl, Peekyou, etc., which are specially built to find people? Here, you can look for people based on name, email, username and their phone numbers. Also, you do not have to sign up or reveal your information for finding cell phone number detail.

Enter the phone number with area code and if you want to search people by their name then use double quotes around it to get selected queries.

#4. Use free services which work great with mobile numbers

Whitepages and AnyWho do provide reverse lookup service, but they only work great with landline numbers. So, I am listing two of my favorite websites, The National Cellular Directory and Spy Dialer, which work with mobile numbers.

The National Cellular Directory has an excellent database of phone numbers. It offers freemium service. Every day, there is a 1-hour free premium search based on name and number. But happy hours timings shift every day. You have to create an account on its website and then follow its Facebook and Twitter page to keep track of the happy hour details.

Spy Dialer allows you to perform three free searches on people, number, address, and email. The service is free and 100% legal. You do not have to sign up for availing its free service on reverse mobile phone number lookup.

#5. Paid services for tracing personal mobile numbers

I am not a big fan of paid websites and services, which provides you surety in discovering private or business cell phone numbers by charging something between $1.49 to $8.99. Sometimes, they even give you an option of the monthly plan within $30.

According to Ex-CIA operative, even various government agencies like FBI, CIA, NYPD, etc. do not have access to one reliable database of phone numbers. Most of the time, they have inside resource in all major cellular providers, who give them information on a need basis. This is a legal process but can only be accessed by a few people and agencies.

In short, no paid service can be of any use in reverse cell phone number lookup. Do not waste you waste your time and effort. Try out other free methods, and if you run out of ideas, then there is always the next time.


Over to you

For sure, finding details related to landline number is far more accessible than gathering information around a mobile number. At times, you will be successful in digging out the required information, but then nobody could guarantee its accurateness.

Let’s admit the fact that sometimes cell numbers could be untraceable unless until you hire a P.I. (Personal Investigative) agency.

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