FRIV Review – Everything you wanted to know about one of the most popular games portal

There are many websites these days where you can play free games online. But, the legality and trustworthiness of any such website is always a doubt among parents, and even kids themselves. FRIV, Cool Math Games, are some of the most trustworthy websites where kids can enjoy a frivolous time. Also, it is completely safe.

These games are the most helpful when you’re taking a break after hours of study or work. It helps in re-energising the mind. Also, playing games also help in building motor skills of kids too. Especially, aesthetic appreciation of objects such as a character, food, ball, trees, etc.


In this post, I will try and answer some common questions and concerns related to the free online games portal:

Q.1 What is FRIV?

It is a portal where kids (especially below 12 years) can play some flash games. These games are completely free.

Of course, the gameplay of each game does not promise a graphics-rich experience. However, these games do help in the cognitive learning of a child.

Apart from children, I suggest even adults to go and play games for 15 minutes to half an hour. It does help in increasing the productivity.

You can check out my post to know more about the gameplay experience, types of games, etc.

Q2. Is it safe? Which website to choose from FRIV 1, 2, 3, 1000, etc.

If you have played games on, you’d know that there are plenty of websites with ‘friv’ in their domain name. So how to judge which website is trustworthy and which is not?

Well, judging by the look & feel of the website, age, domain authority and monthly traffic, I can say that they have been in this business since quite long. It offers a good deal by providing the games for free and unlike many other similar websites, they don’t show ads while you’re playing.

The experience is completely ad-free. However, they do provide you with some sponsored links.

But that’s okay, a user wouldn’t mind some game suggestions I suppose!

If you want to know more about other websites that you should be aware of. I have compiled a list of them on my post – FRIV, 1, 2, 3, 1000 – What’s the confusion?

Q3. What are the best flash games available?

As there are over 200 games available on And with their tiles-like homepage where you can only see the thumbnail photo/logo of the game, it is difficult to find out which games to play.

For that matter, I have compiled a list of ten best flash games that both kids and adults can play. The list includes:

  • Power Pamplona
  • Red Ball
  • Fireboy & Watergirl
  • Sugar Sugar
  • Bad Ice Cream
  • Super Mario

You can refer to my post to know more about the best games to play.

Review on parameters of:

#1. Gameplay and Experience

Well, they are only flash games, so you cannot expect them to be of XBox or PS4 quality. However, games like Red Ball, Sugar Sugar, etc. cover up with their simplicity and yet provide a high level of difficulty in higher levels.

All the games provide you with a 2-D experience. Here’s a snapshot of the game Haunt the House:

Haunt The House Flash Horror Game on FRIV

In short, they are awesome for the technology or software they are based and created on.

#2. Website look & feel

Well, frankly the website is a pain. or homepage screen for friv games

You keep guessing what will the game be about by looking at the thumbnail.

#3. Compatibility with smartphones, tablets or iPads

Sadly, they are not compatible with phones at all. There are other versions of FRIV which do provide flash games to play on iPad, but mostly they are of no use and are mostly ad-supported. Below is a snapshot from my smartphone when I tried to access the website.

FRIV incompatible with iPhone iPad

The flash games are meant for laptop or desktop experience. You require a keyboard to play these games. Therefore, it’s a no-go for mobile savvies.


I hope the above questions and answers enhanced your understanding of FRIV, its trustworthiness and gameplay experience.

While playing such flash games, we must also understand the time we can afford for such things. However, if the gaming activity is mixed well with a hygienic and productive routine, it will definitely boost your efficiency.


After all, the mind requires and enjoys some fun & frivolous time too!

If you want us to review any other website, let us know in the comments below.


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