frostwire review

I can define FrostWire as cloud downloader, BitTorrent Client and a media player. You get three functions in one software application. It is one of the most loved free torrent clients among users who look for free music downloads, free video downloads and free app downloads. Its built-in search functionality enables you to look for files on BitTorrent network as well as on cloud resources such as internet archive, etc.

In this article, you will find a detailed FrostWire review from different perspectives such as application size, resource utilisation, user interface, features, supported platforms, etc.

Our verdict

Free torrent client

Built-in media player

Built-in search browser

No Ads

Try to install bundled software during setup

Application size & resource utilisation

The setup file of FrostWire is small, and it will not take much time to install this application. But be aware of the bundled software, and you would like to skip or uncheck them if not required. FrostWire takes small space on your computer, and it does not have any memory bloat issues as such. It utilises fewer resources and will not load your personal computer. Overall, it is a lightweight application.

User interface

FrostWire’s interface is easy to understand, and if you are a regular torrent client user, then you may not even require learning anything. The interface is minimal and has top and bottom window. Additionally, you get options of media player on top along with search field.

You can use the search function to find torrents from different sites in one shot. Also, you can filter out results by size, filetype, website and number of seeds. There are no advertisements which are a big plus for people looking for clutter-free experience.


It supports BitTorrent extension and protocols such as magnet links, private torrent links, PEX (Peer exchange), etc. You can also preview individual files in a single torrent file. This is a handy feature since you will know beforehand how your final download will look like. It has a media player to play video and audio files.

FrostWire also allows you to share your content with millions of people right from your computer.

FrostWire helps various content creators, Musicians, Game Developers, Film Makers, Writers, Software Developers, etc. to distribute their work for free to millions of people worldwide. Also, they do not have to shed a single penny for hosting their file on FrostWire. Most importantly, the distribution is legal since all content fall under Creative Commons License.

You can also stream free music with the help of FrostWire application. It has features such as support to IPv6, RSS reader, bandwidth control on individual torrent file, scheduler to limit the bandwidth by controlling the internet speed, encryption, etc.

Supported platform

It has application for all types of operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS and Linux. It also has Android application.

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