Gmail IMAP Settings

IMAP or Internet Messaging Access Protocol is a protocol used to access or retrieve emails from any Mail Server.

To sync your Gmails with your smartphone, or a third-party mail client such as Apple Mail, Outlook, Windows Live, etc. you will need to configure Gmail IMAP settings to access your Google inbox and labels/folders.

This is nothing but a set of settings and server addresses that you need to configure on a mail client to sync your Google emails in real time on the fly.

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Gmail IMAP Settings

You may need the following Gmail IMAP settings whenever you face a synchronizing problem with your Gmail account while accessing emails on any device or mail client other than the browser:

Gmail-IMAP-Server address:

Username: (Full Gmail address)

Password: Enter your Gmail Password

Gmail-IMAP-Port: 993

TLS/SSL Required: Yes

Note: IMAP also governs the syncing of your Sent folder (in Gmail) with any other mail client or device.

However, to send Google mails from a third-party mail client, you will need to enter the Gmail SMTP or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol settings.

Gmail SMTP Settings

These are nothing but the settings required to send emails through Apple Mail, MS Outlook, Smartphones, etc. using your Google mail as:

Gmail-SMTP-Server address:

Username: (Full Gmail address)

Password: Gmail password

Gmail-SMTP-Port (TLS/SSL): 587/465

TLS/SSL Required: Yes


As on today, you may not require configuring any kind of IMAP or SMTP settings on popular mail clients as well as smartphones since you get pre-configured mail settings for Google, Yahoo, AOL, Exchange, iCloud, and Outlook.

However, these settings might come in handy if something is not working as intended or you face any troubleshooting issues, or you simply can’t find IMAP settings.