3 Ways to Open Google.com Search Page from a Different Location Other than the US

Google.com domain is based out of US, and if you try to open it from some other country, then Google will open its location-based search page. For instance, if I try to go to google.com from Hong Kong then I am redirected to google.com.hk page. In short, my search query fetches location-based results and not the ones from the US. Frustrating! Isn’t it!

It could be a lot of hassle for many, based on need. Also, you do not have to explain a digital marketer the importance of checking out web page ranking on Google.com than on a local country version of Google. However, there are some other ways of checking out website ranking in different countries with the help of keyword tools like SEMrush, etc. But this is far more technical.


In this article, I am listing out 3 ways, where you will be able open google.com from any country other than the US. First two methods are specific to Chrome browser. You will have to configure a few things inside the default search engine settings of the Chrome browser. Another way talks about the inbuilt feature of Chrome browser to go to google.com. The last method is independent of any particular browser since you just have to type in www.google.com/ncr and it will open google.com for you.

Why Google opens its country version page and not its USA or .com version?

As of today, there 50,000 searches are happening on Google every second. The database of Google is beyond imagination, and even the highest form of bytes like Petabyte and even Exabyte may not be able to quantify it.

Also, Google does the job of finding the results for your any search query in less than a second. Combining all these factors, do you think that single server or domain would be enough to handle such a massive task?

Of course, not. That’s why, Google divided itself to several domains ending with country-specific suffixes like .co.in, .com.hk, .com.sg, so forth and so on. So, whenever you try to open google.com, you expose your IP address. In short, you reveal your location and Google quickly finds out its nearest domain and fires up for you. In a way, you are redirected to some other website.

#1. Change Google Chrome default search settings

  • Go to Chrome settings page.
  • Look for “Manage Search Engines” and click the forward arrow.Go to Chrome settings and click manage search engines
  • Now go to “Default search engines” section and click “ADD” at the bottom.Look for ADD option for adding a new search engine entry
  • You will get three fields to enter Search engine, Keyword and URL with %s in place of the query. Enter Google US in the Search engine field. You can choose any name, but I have selected this for easy identification.
  • Enter google usa_ in the keyword field.
  • Finally, enter this string “https://www.google.com/search?q=%s&pws=0&gl=us&gws_rd=cr” as is without any miss.Enter new search engine parameters
  • Click SAVE at the end of this.
  • Now make this search engine entry as default search engine by clicking on the three vertical dots at the rightmost end.

Exit and restart the Chrome browser. Directly search your query by typing in the address bar. It will provide you results from Google.com domain. However, Ads will be based on your current location and will have no relevancy from the US.

#2. Google Chrome has inbuilt function to go to google.com

  • Open Google Chrome browser and try to search for anything or maybe try to open Google .com version. If you are in India, then you will be forced to see google.co.in search page.
  • Do not worry and look at the bottom right most of the Chrome’s footer and click on “Use Google.com”. Voila! Google.com opens for you.Use Google.com option in Google Chrome

Google has a bland website, and that’s the reason people hardly notice anything other than the search bar. The option Use Google.com is here for a long time.

#3. Enter this specific address and open Google.com from any browser

Till now, you saw Chrome specific methods, but this technique has no dependency on any browser and can work anywhere. Just type in www.google.com/ncr, and it will open it for you the .com version. NCR stands for “No Country Redirects”. Pretty simple!


I like the first option since it does it for once and all. Later, if you want to revert it then you just have to make some other search engine as default search engine.


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