Google's 19th Birthday Best Doodle Google Games from past

Google celebrated its 19th birthday on September 27, 2017, in a style. Google handpicked 18 best games from all Google Doodles released so far and rapped it all inside a surprise spinner. This list of games became 19 by the addition of a brand new Easter egg Snake Game.

People who visit will be presented with a colourful spinner. On a mouse click, the spinner will reveal a chosen game for you to play. If you don’t like the game, spin again. The whole process is mere fun, nothing else. You will have a chance to play some fun games like a Beethoven Puzzle, Pac Man, Virtual Turntables, Halloween Game, a Pinata, etc.

In its official 19th birthday blog post, Google recalled how Larry Page and Sergey Brin laid the foundation of the company in a garage. Currently, Google is helping more than 4.5 billion users worldwide in 160 countries speaking about 123 different languages. The data is mind-boggling, and it makes us no wonder why Google is one of the most valued tech company in the current times.

The first Google Doodle which marked Google’s birthday came on September 27, 2002, which was also Google’s 4th birthday. Till date, Google has celebrated its birthday on four different occasions and in a way people have been confused over when is Google’s birthday exactly.

September 7, 8 and 26 were three different dates other than September 27 on which Google have celebrated its birthday. However, Google has somehow settled on September 27 as its official birthday.

So, let’s celebrate the birthday of this second largest tech giant after Apple Inc. by playing some cool Google games. Give it a spin, will you?