How to Convert Grams to Ounces? – Conversion Formula and Exciting Facts

Gram is a widespread unit that most probably you have been using since your childhood for weighing objects. An ounce may not be that familiar to you, but it is at times essential to know about this too. Gram (one-thousandth of a kilogram) is a metric unit to measure the mass of a body (or, an object) whereas ounce is mostly used in the imperial system.  Given their widespread uses, it would be at times essential to know how to convert grams to ounces and vice versa.

Units are very crucial to measure significant elements in the vast field of science, technology, and also in our daily life. And one of the most important units is the mass of an object. There are several units related to the mass of an object and it’s essential to know which unit is the most suitable for your requirement.


So, in case of mass is mentioned in gram but you need to know in the ounce, you should know how to convert grams to ounces.
The abbreviations for gram and ounce are respectively g and oz.

Let’s have a look at how to convert grams to ounces and vice-versa.

Conversion calculator – convert grams to ounces

If you are in need to convert a gram figure to its ounce value quickly, just put the amount in gram in the above grams to ounces calculator. You will get the required ounce value in the blink of an eye.

Conversion of the grams to ounces – conversion formula

The conversion formula of the gram to the ounce is given below-

1 gram = 0.035274 ounce.

Now if the mass of a thick book is 50 grams and you want to know the ounce value of the same just use this formula.
You will get,
50 grams = (50× 0.035274) ounces=1.765 ounces.

You may like to reduce the factor to 0.04 for the sake of calculation in your head (in case you are okay with getting an approximate result).

Conversion of the ounces to grams – conversion formula

The mathematical relation between the ounce and gram is as given below-
1 ounce= 28.35 grams.
Now assume you know some weight in the ounce, which is 30 ounces. To know the gram value of the same, the following conversion formula will be useful.

30 ounces= (30×28.35) grams =850.5 grams.

What is gram?

Gram is a unit of mass in the metric system.
1 Gram= 0.001 kilogram.
The most approved scientific definition of the gram is as below:

One gram is defined to be precisely equal to the absolute mass of one cubic centimeter of water at 4°C or 39.2 °F (at this temperature the density of water is the maximum).

The history and origin of the word ‘Gram’ descend from the French word ‘gramme’ or the Late Latin word ‘gramma’ or the Greek word ‘grammat’ which means ‘a small weight’.

CGS system (centimeter-gram-second system) of measurement uses the ‘gram’ unit.


  • The gram is one of the most majorly used units of measurement in today’s world. Some of its usages are:
  • Measurement of the different grocery items (i.e., 500 grams potatoes, 50-gram chili powder etc.)
  • This unit is used legally to mention the nutrition level of a particular product. I.e., The different nutrition quantities in gram pee 100 grams of the same product. (Look at the back packet of any branded food like oats or noodles or anything for a more definite idea).
  • A weight of 5 grams is used as the controlling weight in a gravity-controlled instrument.
  • Gram is used to measure small weight difference which is inconvenient to measure in kilogram or other larger units. (Example: – 150 gm of weight difference).
  • In case of shipping related to online shopping of jewelry, clothing etc. ‘gram’ is the most frequently used unit to determine shipping charges and other associated things. As the products are lightweights kilogram of other greater units are not so suitable in this case.

What is ounce?

Avoirdupois ounce the most common unit of the ounce which is defined to be approximately equal to 28.3 g and  1⁄16 of the common avoirdupois pound.  United States customary and British imperial system use this unit widely.

The origin of ‘ounce’ is the Latin word ‘Uncia.’ ‘Uncia’ means twelfth part of a pound or foot. The source of the word ‘Uncia’ is the old French word ‘Unce.’


The abbreviation of the ounce is oz. or ℥. Oz is a universal symbol. Its origins are the Italian words onza (singular) and onze (plural).


This unit is used for the precise measurements of the small weights. Like, various postal items, packaged foods or small portions of foods, the areal density of paper, light fabric, the weight of boxing gloves etc. mainly in the United States.

Conversion table of Grams to Ounces – Quick lookup

Gram(or Grams)Ounce(or Ounces)

Interesting facts on grams and ounces

  • The weight of a soccer ball is almost 400 grams.
  • To burn a single gram of fat one needs to indulge in activity of nine-calories-worth.
  • An ounce of the feather (or air or water) weighs less than an ounce of pure gold.
  • By eating two large chestnuts, you consume only 0.2 grams of fat.
  • A troy pound contains 12 troy ounces (and not 16 as usual).
  • One needs almost 5 gallons of water to produce only 1 ounce of peanuts.

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