Grant Cardone Net Worth
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Grant Cardone, the actor, entrepreneur, presenter, writer, radio personality and one of the most-proclaimed salesmen, is worth a whopping $350 million. He earns from different sources, his business being the primary source. Cardone, who developed an interest in real estate a very young age, is today one of the most successful real estate businessmen. His other sources of income include royalties from his books, his TV shows and Radio shows. He is also a motivational speaker, who has delivered several speeches on success on various stages.

Early Life

Grant Cardone was born in Lake Charles, Louisiana.  He attended LaGrange High School. Cardone went to McNeese State University, where he was awarded the McNeese State University Distinguished Scholar Award in 2010.

Cardone has a twin brother. He developed an interest in real estate since his youth and he along with his father would visit different pieces of property as a family outing activity.

Cardone is married to Elena Lyon since 2004, and the couple has two daughters.


Cardone initially worked for a sales training company in Chicago, Illinois. He then served as the CEO of the company Freedom Motorsports Group LLC.

Cardone founded “Cardone Training Technologies” in 1990, which provides Fortune 500 companies, small businesses and entrepreneurs with an interactive sales training platform.

In 1992, he became the CEO of Cardone Training Technologies and remained in the same position till date.

He eventually founded “Cardone Acquisitions”, an investment vehicle which led him to be a millionaire. Cardone Acquisitions involve $425 million in real estate, and it currently holds over $550 million worth multifamily properties throughout the United States.

His largest acquisition was made in 2012, which consisted of five properties. In 2000, he founded Grant Cardone Sales Training in Miami Beach, Florida. He also founded his third company “Cardone Enterprises”.

In 2011, Cardone developed the reality TV series “Turnaround King” on the National Geographic Channel. He also hosts his radio show, “The Cardone Zone”.


Cardone has authored about seven books including Sell to Survive, The Closer’s Survival Guide, If You’re not First, You’re Last, The 10X Rule, The Millionaire Booklet and Be Obsessed or Be Average.

His book “If Not First, You’re Last”, was #1 on Amazon, and became a part of The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal’s Best Seller List.

Cardone was named the “Entrepreneur of the 21st Century”. In 2017, Forbes named him as one of the 25 Marketing Influencers.

Grant Cardone Net Worth

The net worth of Grant Cardone is estimated at $350 million. Cardone’s annual earnings come up to $20 million. Cardone has had a very successful career with all his three companies, Cardone Training Technologies, Cardone Acquisitions and Cardone Enterprises. Being an author, Cathor also enjoys royalties from the sale of his books.

House and Cars

He currently resides in Los Angeles. Cardone doesn’t believe in investing in a house, rather rents it. He states that if we settle down, there is no scope for mobility, which is essential in today’s world. According to him, buying a house is not a good idea of investment as there is no monthly return out of it.

He owns a luxurious Maserati car which he bought for $270,000. He also owns a fleet of other expensive cars including Range Rover and Bentley.


Grant Cardone is a self-made millionaire who has not forgotten to give back to the society.

When hurricane Irma hit Houston, Cardone launched a relief fund, 10X and raised money towards Irma Relief Fund.

He is also the founder of the Grant Cardone Foundation. Cardone had a complete changeover in his life post his father’s death when he was 10.

He had become rebellious, a problem at school, his grades dropped to just above passing levels, and he even turned to drugs. His life revolved around alcohol, drug addiction and fights for almost a decade. His foundation now helps the kids without father at home.


Grant Cardone who turned from a drug addict to one of the most successful real estate businessmen is undoubtedly an influential figure for many.

Cardone has travelled around the world to deliver his speeches and sharing his ideology and is one of the greatest motivational speakers.

Some of his advice on becoming successful is worth noting down, being not to dwell in the past, let the actions speak and not words, be productive, dream big and don’t talk about hump day and TGIF.

Well, with the above advice considered, anyone could be travelling on the path of success with Cardone being the living example.