Grumpy Cat Meme – Things You Should Know

The grumpy cat has been one of the most iconic memes in the entire meme culture. Not only can you find memes in English when it comes to the grumpy cat, but also you can discover memes in your local languages too. The cat has raised the bar everywhere. The Grumpy cat is called by the name Tard (short for Tarder Sauce) and has gained immense fame on the world wide web. The most striking think about her is her facial expression that looks so humanly that she almost feels human.

She is continuously frowning with her eyes furrowed and her mouth showing utmost displeasure. Despite the fact that she is so pissed is also the reason why so many users around the world love her. Tard is the spirit animal for the 99% population of the world!


Journey of Grumpy Cat to fame

The grumpy cat has a website of her own that was set up by the owners to tell her story. The site Is called  The permanently grumpy face was caused by an underbite and feline dwarfism that Tard had.  Tard was one of the four kittens born to the Calico parents. And while her siblings were born healthy, she was born with this disability.

In the year 2012, a photo of Tard was posted online, and so many people reposted the photograph and gave so many upvotes to approve of it. There were also a lot of claims doing the rounds that the photo of Tard was photoshopped as an attempt to gain popularity.

But the owners of the cat had to post a video of the cat actually to prove the fact that her face was real. The website was also setup up so that people could get the inside images of Tard.

From an internet sensation to entering the meme culture

Tard’s popularity as the grumpy cat on Reddit was a turning point for both the owners and also the meme world. The grumpy cat is used in the situation where you express your utmost displeasure about something.


The meme is kind of harmful and bashes the stupid statements made by people. It gained almost around 8 million likes on Facebook. This led to the owners starting a line of the grumpy cat merch, and she also earned herself an interview at the NBC.


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