Halloween Meme Costumes

We all are quite aware of the fact how integral memes have become in our lives. The generation today have found their solace in them, and it is not even surprising that we have incorporated them as a means of communication as well. So today, if our Halloween costumes become the memes we love, it would not be that much of a shock, right? Well, it has happened!

Here are the 14 insanely cool Halloween costumes that were inspired by our very beloved memes-

#1. Snapchat hotdog filter

This is one of the prettiest filters that Snapchat came up with, ever since they introduced Bitmoji. When it first came not many people could make much sense out of it, but they very happily accepted it over time. It has ever since created a lot of sensation and so much that now it can also make an incredible Halloween costume. Now you can dress up as the cute hotdog and pose away with them hands in the air and funky headphones!

#2. Angry Arthur

It is probably the easiest when it comes to its availability. Also, very convenient to dress up as. All you got to do is just get yourself a yellow sweater, blue jeans a pair of glasses and a pair of sneakers and you are good to go. An important tip, don’t let go of those clenched fists.

#3. Salt Bae

The cool salt bae is the costume if you wanna look sassy and cool! All you need is a white V-neck shirt, a pair of jeans, some cool glasses and yes lots of salt. This Halloween you can pour salt with that hand gesture. Also, make sure you don’t do it too much, it can seriously hurt your arm and wrist.

#4. The Grumpy Cat

This costume will be so much more fun if you have had an awful day and then you dress up as the grumpy cat. It will automatically show up the frown on your face. But ok on a serious note, this is a cool idea for a Halloween costume. You will need kitten hairband, kitten mits and a black and brownish dress and yea the attitude too! DO NOT SMILE.

#5. Emoji

This one is also quite easy to create a costume. The hard part lies in the precision of the cutout. Make sure you get the right coloured paper and also have the perfect drawing made. And if you want to add some serious glam to it, just get a whole dress made of emojis!

#6. This is fine dog

This is Fine Dog Meme Halloween Costume

This costume’s most crucial element is the tiny hat on the head. And then comes the brown dog costume. Add some fire to it (not literally) but cutouts of fire and to top it off the “this is fine” text balloon. The costume can be a little tricky to find, but you can always check out costume shops. And, don’t forget to look away and fight your fire with denial.

You can even make the costume yourself by finding the DIY of ‘This is Fine Meme costume’ as given in the picture above at Halloween Costumes.

#7. Instagram Cutout


This became a very famous meme since it was also seen in the form of the prop at parties to click photos with. For this costume, you need to get the Instagram post frame printed just like the one we see in the app. And paste it on a hard surface, preferably cardboard. Cut in the middle so can be the picture and make sure to give a short but good caption!

#8. That’s none of my Business Kermit

Now, this is an ideal costume for all the tea lovers who love to keep their business to themselves. To get the full Kermit mode, you need to get a green sweater and add a light green fringe to complete the look. And for the final prop, get your best glass and sip away your tea.

#9. The Ancient Alien’s Guy

ancient alien meme costume

This might look a very pleasing costume but only wear it if you can pull off that expression. All you need is a black suit and the black-haired wig that has the same hairstyle. It is a little tough to get the resources together, but it surely is doable.

#10. Doge Costume

The pretty doge meme is every person’s spirit animal. For that just get a cut out of the Shiba Inu’s face that has the expression and wears it in the form of a mask. To get the rest of the body, well you can improvise! If you’re willing to shred some money, you can also find the Doge masks available on any e-commerce website too.

#11. Minecraft

Now didn’t you always wish you were part of all the Minecraft games you played? Well, if not in the game, you can certainly become the character. All you need is cardboard, the Minecraft face cut out and some paints to make the body! And oh, don’t forget the sword!

#12. Snapchat

Now all of us are aware of the famous Snapchat icon, the ghost! And since its Halloween, why not add the spook to the already spooked! Get yourself a white t-shirt, a cardboard box, and you are good to go!

#13. Hashtag

Since everything today has a hashtag, why don’t add it to yourself too! Become a hashtag and start trending in the town with the help of a cardboard piece and a hashtag cut out!

#14. The Condescending Wonka

This had to be the last on the list due to its popularity and love amongst the people. To pull off this fantastic meme, you will need the brown hat, purple suit, the iconic yellow tie and the condescending smile!