What does HBD mean?

The acronym that has always made everybody happy and excited ever since we were kids. HBD is the abbreviated term for the phrase Happy Birthday. The most commonly used acronym when Facebook reminds you it’s your friend’s birthday, and you have to wish them. It is commonly used in the form of hashtags, status updates, a message on the wall of someone and also in the way of a post. So not only Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp and Twitter have its uses but it is also seen in emails, SMS, Texting apps too.

Alternate meanings

  1. Home Brew Digest
  2. Here Be Dragons
  3. Has Been Drinking (in policemen jargons or communication)
  4. Honoured By Death (Battlefield 2)
  5. Haters Better Duck
  6. Here By Demand
  7. Holden By Design (Australian company)
  8. Hamburg Blue Devils
  9. Handheld Business Device
  10. Human Bio-Diversity

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Alternate words for HBD

  1. HB- Happy Birthday
  2. HBD2U- Happy Birthday To You
  3. HBTU- Happy Birthday To You
  4. HBTY- Happy Birthday To You
  5. MHROTD- Many Happy Returns Of The Day


HBD has been around for a very long time. It is written in all CAPS, Mix of lower and upper letter, etc. Despite its variations in writing, it does not change the meaning, and all these are accepted equally. The use of this acronym is to wish your dear ones a happy birthday. You can either write in on their profile wall or post some of their crazy pictures and write #HBD as a caption.

There is, however, another idea that has been doing rounds since this acronym has come out. Whenever somebody uses this acronym to wish someone, it may seem like you have wanted half-heartedly. So, the usual response to this wish would be a TY. That is why it is essential to realise where to wish someone with an HBD and when to write a longa** post cos nobody wants to face a best friend’s wrath.


Example 1:

Person 1: Hey.. HBD

Person 2: TYSM 

Example 2:

Person 1: I’m so sorry for the late wish but hbd!!

Person 2: np. And TYSM.

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