hbu meaning

This acronym just like WAY, YW, NMU comes under the group of abbreviations that help to initiate and carry forward a conversation. HBU is the abbreviated term for the phrase How Bout You.  This slang is mainly used to ask about the other person’s well-being and is considered to be one of the politer abbreviations.

HBU acts like the perfect question for the acronym NMU since in both cases you are asking a question to the other person. This abbreviation is very famous when it comes to texting. Apps like WhatsApp, Hike, Snapchat and Messenger has witnessed this slang on a daily basis.

Alternate meanings of HBU

  1. Hellweger Berufkolleg Unna (in Germany)
  2. Heat Build Up
  3. Homebrew Bittering Units
  4. Highest and Best Use
  5. Houston Baptist University

Alternate words for HBU

  1. HBUD- How Bout You Dude
  2. HBUB- How Bout You Babe
  3. HBURS- How Bout Yours
  4. HBUG- How Bout You Go


This acronym is considered to be one of the polite and humble ways to initiate a conversation. It ideally uses it when you talk to someone you might not know that well, or you might be talking to them after a very long time. Sometimes it is just the way you start with, leading to a much more intimate conversation.

In any of those cases, it is a safe option or way to talk. It is also considered to be a courteous way of talking to people since you are asking about a person’s wellbeing and if they are doing ok.

The acronym is written mainly in lower case most of the time, but it can also be written with upper case depending on the context of the conversation.


Example 1:

Person 1: Hey long time no see! WYD?

Person 2: NM, HBU? All ok?

Example 2:

Person 1: Hey…I’m great! hbu?

Person 2: I’m a good man. Been busy with work!

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