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vata dosha balance

Is Your Vata Dosha Imbalanced? Find Symptoms & Solution?

An imbalanced vata dosha is capable of causing severe illness, which can leave you with a lot of pain and discomfort. To tackle the vata dosha, maintaining a routine is the most vital.
pitta balancing diet

All About Pitta Balancing Diet – Balance Your Pitta

Pitta balancing diet includes foods that are cool, slightly dry, cooked in little oil, & not heavily spiced. Pitta types should take diet having more sweet, bitter, & astringent tastes.
pitta dosha balance

Is Your Pitta Dosha Imbalanced? Find Symptoms & Solution?

Pitta governs our digestion, heat, visual perception, endocrine function, hunger, thirst, complexion, intelligence, & courage. So, it is vital to keep it balanced.
kapha balancing diet

All About Kapha Balancing Diet – Balance Your Kapha

kapha balancing diet include those that improve digestion & metabolism. Include dry, warm, & light foodstuffs & avoid sweet and salty taste.
Kapha Dosha Imbalance

Is Your Kapha Dosha Imbalanced? Find Symptoms & Solution?

Kapha dosha is vital to be kept balanced. After all, it is responsible for giving firmness, stability, & structure to the body.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Common Cold or Flu – Herbs & Home Remedies

Cold or Flu is usually due to aggravated kapha dosha, which accumulates in bodily channels. Ayurveda recommends various herbs, detoxifying diet, spices, yoga, & other measures to treat it.

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