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ayurveda and prevention

Prevention – The Primary Objective of Ayurveda Treatment

As the saying goes, 'Prevention is better than cure,' Ayurveda perceived the significance of prevention thousands of years ago. These principles are easy to follow in our day to day life.
ayurveda and prakriti

Ayurveda and Prakriti – Defines Your Body Type & Behaviour?

Don't you sometimes wonder why some people have a short temper while some stay cool even in the toughest of times? This is defined by the Prakriti (body constitution/ body type). The literal meaning of Prakriti is nature or original form.
ayurveda and yoga

Yoga & Ayurveda – Find the Sublime Connection

Yoga & Ayurveda, both aim at attaining salvation by detaching from all the mental as well as physical connection. The practice of Yoga is as old as Ayurveda, and both are believed to be contemporary sciences.
theory of tridosha

Tridosha Concept – Foundation of Ayurveda Treatment

Tridosha is a unique concept of Ayurveda which defines the three fundamental principles namely Vata, Pitta and Kapha. These energies or principles is behind the functioning of every living being and its misbalance causes all the diseases.
ayurveda branches

Branches of Ayurveda – Ashtang Ayurveda

Ayurveda is a vast and comprehensive science of life. This extensive science is formally organised into eight sections or branches, jointly called as "Ashtang Ayurveda".
Ayurveda history and origin

Ayurveda – A Divine Knowledge – Origin & History

Ayurveda is an eternal science which has survived through several civilizations & still stands as a distinct entity. It is being said that the Ayurveda is existing since the beginning of the creation of the universe.

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