vegetarian protein sources

Top 21 Vegetarian Protein Sources to Cater for Your Needs

Top vegetarian protein sources are lentils, beans, green peas, seitan, chia seeds, hemp seeds, tofu, tempeh, edamame, peanuts, almonds, spirulina, etc.
watermelon rind benefits

12 Benefits of Watermelon Rind & Ways to Add It in Your Diet

Watermelon rind reduces inflammation, keeps kidneys healthy, treats erectile dysfunction, lowers blood pressure, improves heart health, combats free radicals, help in weight loss, etc.
papaya health benefits

15 Health Benefits of Papaya that Everyone should Know

The health benefits of papaya include reduced oxidative stress, improved digestive health, lower inflammation, reduced cancer risk, improved heart, and bone health, and improved skin and hair. 
protein deficiency symptoms

12 Signs of Protein Deficiency & How Much do You Need

Symptoms of protein deficiency include swelling, loss of muscle mass, decreased liver functioning, hair, nail, and skin problems, slow-healing injuries, increased bone fracture, low immunity, increased appetite, stunted growth, anxiety, insomnia, and poor concentration.
oolong tea benefits

10 Benefits of Oolong Tea Make It Ideal to Drink It Daily

Oolong Tea helps to lower heart disease, cancer, obesity, prevent diabetes, reduce inflammation, increase cognitive function, and improve skin and bone strength.
epsom salt benefits

12 Effective Health Benefits of Epsom Salt

Epsom salt helps to improve magnesium levels in the body, lowers constipation, relieves pain, improves blood sugar levels, prevents preeclampsia, etc.

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