Dental Problems

alzheimer dental problems

How is Periodontal Disease Related to Alzheimer’s?

The mechanism of periodontal action on the brain is yet unclear. However, the main reason behind this connection is chronic bony inflammation of the jaw caused during the periodontal breakdown.
radiation caries

Everything that You Should Know About Radiation Caries

Radiation caries is a type of tooth decay that is typically caused as a result of radiation-induced dry mouth.
gardner syndrome

What is Gardner’s Syndrome? Cause, Diagnosis & Treatment

Gardner syndrome is an autosomal dominant subtype of familial adenomatous polyposis. It is a rare genetic disorder of the colon.
rare dental conditions

4 Most Unusual and Rare Dental Conditions

Sometimes the tooth may develop anomalies that may affect the occlusion. Four rare dental conditions are Anodontia, Talons cusp, Germinated tooth, and Supernumerary teeth.
what is biofilm

What is Dental Biofilm and Its Effect On the Teeth?

Biofilm is an organized and complex environment created by bacteria to persist in the oral cavity. Biofilms protect the oral bacteria from different viruses and germs that may invade the mouth.
smokeless tobacco effects on oral health

Smokeless Tobacco Effects on Oral Health

Smokeless tobacco products are just as detrimental to our health as cigars and cigarette. At least 28 cancer-causing chemicals have been identified in various smokeless tobacco products.

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