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how long do veneers last

How Long do Veneers Last? – Tips to Increase the Longevity

There are certain factors which determine the longevity of your Veneers and they are stain resilience, fracture toughness, anti-wear properties, and breakage threshold. Veneers that score well on all these parameters last longer than a decade.
Dental Crown Procedure

Dental Crown Procedure – Everything that You Need to Know

The procedure of having the crown placed in your mouth is standard. It starts with choosing the right dental crown material, teeth reduction, teeth impression, etc.
Single tooth implant

Single Tooth Implant – When Should You Go for It?

A single tooth implant finds its use in people who have one or more missing teeth. The dentist places the implant in a hole in the jawbone, and this is a surgical procedure.
Laser Periodontal Therapy

Laser Periodontal Therapy – How do Lasers treat Periodontitis & Gum diseases?

Lasers have various periodontal applications including calculus removal, soft tissue removal, and ablation. It also helps in the decontamination of root and implant surfaces, bacteria reduction and bone surgery.
What are Mini Dental Implants

What are Mini Dental Implants? Uses & Implant Procedure

Mini implants are tiny pin-like implants which replace traditional implants when there is less space. Mini implants follow ‘minimum invasive' treatment. Only a small part of the bone is drilled to place mini implants. Thus, mini implants cause no loss of bone structure since they are just a few millimeters in length.

Gingivectomy – Everything About this Gum Surgery

Gingivectomy, as the term suggests, is the removal of gums (Gingiva- Gums, Otomy- Removal). When our gums are more than usual in amount or diseased, a dentist cuts off the extra gums. Gingivectomy reduces diseased gum tissue and improves your overall gum health.

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