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Surgical Tooth Extraction

Surgical Tooth Extraction – When it Becomes Necessary?

Surgical tooth extraction is a procedure in which surgical access is required to remove a tooth completely. This procedure is required for the tooth that is not visible in the mouth, such as impacted teeth, or the tooth which has broken off.
tooth extraction during pregnancy

Tooth Extraction During Pregnancy – Is this Safe?

Generally, tooth extraction during pregnancy should be avoided. All the attempts must be made to restore the tooth before recommending the extraction. However, if there any dental emergencies, then tooth extraction could be done in the second trimester of pregnancy.
tooth extraction

Tooth Extraction – Everything About Tooth Removal & When to Go for It?

A tooth extraction is a procedure of having your tooth removed from its place in the mouth. The tooth is embedded in a socket in the bone, which requires a systematic procedure for removal. There are several conditions, such as tooth decay, periodontal issues, problematic wisdom teeth, etc., which require tooth extraction.
What to Eat After Tooth Extraction

What to Eat After Tooth Extraction?

Foods to eat after tooth extraction are soft food, such as ice cream, soup, milkshakes, etc., a clear liquid diet and a full liquid diet. On the other hand, you must avoid anything hard or spicy such as toffees and chips.
what is dry socket

What is Dry Socket? – Cause, Treatment & Prevention

A dry socket forms within 2-3 days after permanent tooth extraction. It is a painful dental condition where the blood clot that develops over the bone and nerves post tooth removal become dislodged. Thus, exposing the extraction site to air, food, or germs. Dry socket is more pain painful condition than the extraction of teeth itself.
dry socket prevention

Dry Socket Prevention – How to Prevent Dry Socket After Tooth Extraction?

Dry socket happens after permanent tooth extraction where blood is not able to clot or gets dislodge before the healing process could take place. The most important dry socket prevention technique is to follow your dentist instructions to perfection after you go for tooth extraction.

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