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Parafunctional Habits

nail biting

Is Nail Biting Bad for Your Teeth? Let’s Find Out

Nail biting doesn't cause any permanent damage. But it still has some adverse effects which can make you consider stopping this habit altogether.
Tongue Thrust Exercises

Tongue Thrust Exercises – To Correct the Habit in a Growing Child

Tongue thrust exercises train the child to position the tongue correctly while at rest & swallowing. All these exercises can be performed under the guidance of a dentist or an orthodontist.
Tongue Thrust Appliance for kids

How can a Tongue Thrust Appliance Help Your Child?

A tongue thrust appliance resembles a mouth guard. This orthodontic appliance is made from stainless steel which is placed inside the mouth to control the movements of the tongue in the mouth.
baby tongue thrust

Baby Tongue Thrust – Things that You Should Know

Baby tongue thrust is an involuntary phenomenon in which a baby takes out tongue to exert force while sucking milk. This habit is also called as an infantile swallow.
how to stop thumb sucking

Thumb Sucking – Possible Complications & How to Deal With It?

Thumb sucking is the normal instinct and mostly children stop this habit when their age is between 2 to 4 years. It can lead to oral issues.
tongue thrust

What is Tongue Thrust? Causes, Complications, and Treatment

In the case of tongue thrust, the normal position of the tongue is altered. Patient suffering from tongue thrusting has the tongue positioned in between the upper and lower front teeth. Most of us ignore such little abnormalities which later may fall into major difficulties.

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