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Teeth Bonding – How Long Does Tooth Bonding Last?

Do you know how long does tooth bonding last? Usually, bonded teeth last without any repair for about ten years. Although, the life of a bonded tooth or set of bonded teeth can increase by following some simple protocols. These protocols are maintaining proper oral hygiene by brushing twice daily with a soft bristle brush and using an antibacterial mouthwash.

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What is a Crossbite? Cause, Types, Treatment

Crossbite presents as misalignment of front teeth or back teeth or even both. If you close your mouth and your upper teeth sit inside your lower teeth rather than on the outside, it is known as a crossbite. Crossbite is a harmful condition because it can make your teeth wear down or chip off. It can also make your gums start to recede or make little notches above your gum line.

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