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Maxillary Teeth

What are the Characteristics of Maxillary Teeth?

The maxillary teeth that form the upper dentition of your mouth play a significant role in digestion. Along with helping you chew and speak, the maxillary teeth also have a substantial effect on the maxillary sinus.
dental impressions gag reflex

How to Cope Up With Gag Reflex During Dental Impressions?

A gag reflex is clinically known as a pharyngeal reflex. It is a reflex contraction of the throat muscles, especially the muscles at the back of the throat. These muscles are evoked by a physical touch to the sensitive areas of the mouth like the back of the tongue, the end of the palate, areas around the tonsils and back of the throat.
Tooth Erosion

Tooth Erosion – What are Its Causes and Treatment?

Tooth erosion also known as acid erosion or dental erosion is identified as a process of tooth wear. It is clinically defined as an irreversible loss of tooth structure due to a chemical dissolution of minerals of the tooth by acids which are not of bacterial origin.
foods that stain teeth

Do You Know Foods that can Stain Teeth? Be Aware than Late

Certain food items, such as blackberries, red wine, tea, coffee, sauces, etc., which are consumed in our regular diet may cause staining of the teeth over the time and affect your beautiful white smile.
restorative dentistry

Restorative Dentistry – A Solution to Your Dental Needs

Restorative dentistry relates to the study and diagnosis of disease and infections related to the teeth, gums and supporting bone. It constitutes a collection of different procedures that aim to restore the functions and aesthetics of your teeth and oral tissues.
mesiodens tooth

What is Mesiodens Tooth? – Diagnoses and Treatment

Mesiodens tooth is a supernumerary tooth that erupts between two teeth, most commonly between the central incisors in the front i.e. the midline of the upper jaw.

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