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banana peel teeth whitening

What is Banana Peel Teeth Whitening? Does it Work?

There is no clinical proof of Banana peel teeth whitening. But Banana peel acts as a gentle exfoliator & removes the stains from the surface of the teeth.
strawberry teeth whitening

What is Strawberry Teeth Whitening? Does It Really Work?

Unfortunately, alone strawberries cannot whiten your teeth. You need to mix it with baking soda to achieve brighter teeth. These days, it has become easy to bleach your teeth at home with the help of various home-based methods.
how to get rid of yellow teeth

How to Get Rid of Yellow Teeth? 5 Natural Remedies

Home remedies, such as apple cider vinegar, fruit enzymes, coconut oil pulling, etc., can get rid of yellow teeth. Also, there are several conventional methods, such as professional teeth whitening, whitening strips, dental veneers, etc., to help you in the case of yellow teeth.
Baking soda for teeth whitening

Baking Soda for Teeth Whitening – Effective or Not?

Baking soda is nothing but sodium bicarbonate, which is an alkaline substance and has the property of removing stains. Having said this, you should be careful while using baking soda for teeth whitening.
natural teeth whitening methods - how to whiten teeth

7 Natural Teeth Whitening Methods – Inexpensive & Convenient

Conventional teeth whitening methods involves harsh chemicals & bleaching agents, which have side effects. Natural ways to whiten teeth are oil pulling, baking soda brushing, apple cider vinegar rinse, etc. Let's see how to whiten teeth in detail. Also, know what shade of white is possible as it varies case to case.
how to whiten teeth naturally

How to Whiten Teeth? – 8 Natural & Simple Ways

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic procedure that can lighten the stain & discolouration on the tooth surface. The main bleaching agent is the peroxide. But how to whiten teeth naturally. Fruits like strawberries, lemon rind & banana peel can whiten teeth. Kaolin clay, activated charcoal, ACV are other items.

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