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best pacifiers

8 Best Pacifiers that You Should Buy in 2019

Some best pacifiers of 2019 are NUK newborn 100% silicone orthodontic, The first year gumdrop newborn, Philips avent soothie, Eventflo feeding balance plus stage 1, etc.
best tongue scraper

7 Best Tongue Scrapers of 2019 for a Fresh & Healthy Breath

The best tongue scraper is Dr Tung's tongue cleaner. Other options are Dentek comfort clean tongue cleaner, GUM dual action tongue cleaner brush and scraper, etc.
benefits of cumin

13 Research-Based Health Benefits of Cumin

Cumin helps to aid digestion, boost immunity, prevent diabetes, lower cholesterol, treat respiratory diseases, relieve insomnia, improve skin health, and reduce drug dependence.
best toothpaste

8 Best Toothpaste for All Types of Teeth in 2019

The best toothpaste in 2019 is Crest complete whitening + scope toothpaste. Other options are Cali white charcoal, Sensodyne pronamel, TheraBreath, etc.
noni juice benefits

What is Noni Juice? Benefits & Side Effects

Noni juice improves joint health, increases physical endurance, raises immune activity, lowers cholesterol, and prevents cancer.
ayurvedic medicine

The Ultimate Guide of Ayurvedic Medicine

Ayurvedic medicines are prepared following the rules of nature. Being sourced mostly from plants, they are suitable for our use with no side-effects.

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