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flipper tooth

What is a Flipper Denture or Flipper Tooth?

Flipper denture, commonly known as a removable acrylic partial denture, is a temporary replacement of anterior missing tooth or teeth. However, some people also use it as a permanent solution for their lost teeth.
myrrh essential oil

13 Benefits of Myrrh Essential Oil and Ways to Use It

We have known the benefits of myrrh essential oil since ancient times. In fact, it was one of the three gifts bestowed to baby Jesus by the three wise men. The many health benefits of myrrh oil include wound healing, improved blood circulation, and oral hygiene. It can be diffused, applied topically and even taken internally.
goat milk

Is Goat’s Milk Superior to Cow Milk? Benefits and Drawbacks

Goat milk is a healthier alternative to cow milk. It can solve many of the health issues like bloating, gas and indigestion that are caused by cow milk. Goat milk is rich in proteins, healthy fats, calcium, phosphorus potassium, and vitamin A, B, and C. It also has lower lactose content than cow's milk.
sinus infection bad breath

Bad Breath Due to Sinus Infection – Cause and Home Remedies

The blocked sinus results in post nasal drip which is a foul-smelling mucus drooling down from sinuses on throat through the nasal passage. Bacteria grow and thrive on post nasal drip and contributes to bad breath.
Should Kids Use Mouthwash

Should Kids Use Mouthwash? – Advantages and Guidelines

Mouthwash is recommended for a kid if the age is above 6 years. It is also necessary to take an opinion of a pediatric dentist if you can use mouthwash for your kid or not. Choose alcohol-free mouthwash and teach your kids the art of swishing and spitting.
essential oils for allergies

Top 8 Essential Oils for Allergies and Ways to Use Them

Essential oils are one of the best and safest ways to treat allergies. Some of the effective essential oils for allergies are lavender oil, peppermint oil, tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil, basil oil, lemon oil, etc.

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