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Why Do Cats Sleep So Much - How Many Hours a Day Do Cats Sleep

Why Do Cats Sleep So Much & How Many Hours a Day Do Cats...

Cats need around 15 hours of sleep a day. They prefer to sleep during the day & are active during dawn and dusk. Since they are natural born hunters, so they need to conserve their energy. So, cats take many short naps during the day. Cats sleep more because of the rainy season, boredom, age & illness
Hypnic Jerk

What is Hypnic Jerk? – 9 Ways to Stop the Sleep Twitch

A hypnic jerk or a sleep start or night start is that sudden feeling of falling that jolts you out of your sleep. The medical term for this involuntary muscle movement is myoclonus or myoclonic jerk. It is not a disorder or a medical condition. You can stop hypnic jerk by exercise, caffeine reduction, etc.
How to Sleep with Lower Back Pain

How to Sleep with Lower Back Pain? – 10 Tips to Help You Sleep...

Most people wonder how to sleep with lower back pain? In lower back pain, the pain (sciatica) travels down the legs and makes it impossible to move. You can sleep better with lower back pain by following these - choose a firm mattress, meditate before sleep, listen to music, use sleeping aids, etc.
sleeping on the floor mattress

Are You Sleeping on the Floor Mattress? Know the Pros & Cons

Have you been thinking of sleeping on the floor mattress?  Are you wondering if it is a wise idea? Advantages of sleeping on the floor are cost-effective, better sleeping position, better blood flow. Disadvantages are exposure to dust & mites, dampness issue, not good for a side sleeper, bed bugs, etc.
how to get rid of neck pain caused by stress

How to Get Rid of Neck Pain Caused by Stress & Anxiety? – 10...

Headaches, insomnia and neck pain are some of the most common symptoms of stress and anxiety. As your tension grows, so does the tightness in the neck muscles and this can cause neck pain. Long-term tension can lead to chronic neck pain.
benefits of sleeping without a pillow

7 Benefits of Sleeping Without a Pillow

Since most of us get introduced to pillows in infancy, we can’t even imagine a good night’s sleep without one. But, if experts are to be believed, pillows cause more harm than they help us while sleeping. Here are some of the benefits of sleeping without a pillow.

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