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5 2 diet plan

The 5:2 Diet Plan – Do You Know the Pros and Cons?

The 5:2 diet plan is one of the most popular forms of intermittent fasting. Also known as the Fast diet, in this diet, you eat regular meals five days a week, and for two days you fast, which means you eat less than 500 calories a day.
natural fat burners

10 Top Natural Fat Burners

Food-based fat burners like green tea, conjugated linoleic acid, and grapefruit essential oil can help you lose weight healthily and naturally. Add these natural fat burners to your diet, and you will shed pounds in no time.
Military Diet

What is The Military Diet? Benefits & Drawbacks

Military diet is a three-day low-calorie diet plan. It involves eating between 1100 to 1400 calories for three days. Though it helps in weight loss, most of the weight loss is water weight. People tend to regain all their weight after they resume their regular diet. This form of dieting can have a negative impact on your metabolism.
Natural appetite suppressant

Natural Appetite Suppressant – 11 Best Ones to Go for Weight Loss

Consuming natural appetite suppressants like green tea, fenugreek, and saffron, are much safer and healthier ways to reduce appetites. Let us learn more about natural appetite suppressant in detail.
What to Eat Before a Workout

Pre-Workout Meal – What to Eat Before a Workout & When?

Do you know what to eat before a workout? A pre-workout meal can be the combination of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Banana, chicken, veggies, omelet, etc. could be the ideal choice as pre-workout foods.
how to get a flat stomach

30 Easy and Effective Tips for a Flat Stomach

Achieving a flat stomach goes far beyond the gym. It also involves eating right, sleeping right & reducing stress to get rid of belly fat. Have more soluble fiber, limit refined carb intake, eat more protein, drink more water, do some cardio, do resistance training, etc.

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