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Keto Diet and Diabetes Connection – Is it Safe?

Recent research has indicated that the scope of a keto diet extends so far as to help people with diabetes as well. Keto diet and diabetes have a strong connection. keto diet restricts carbs, which automatically reduces glucose level. When the blood sugar level goes down, it is helpful for people who have diabetes.

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How Many Grams of Sugar Per Day? – The Million Dollar Question

Sugar seems to have developed a bad reputation for being the major contributor to obesity, type II diabetes, tooth decay, liver diseases, cardiovascular problems, etc. It is the increased consumption refined sugar or free sugars, that has become a cause for concern for various health organisations. Moreover, you have to reason around a single question which is – What should be the ideal intake of sugar per day?

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Low Carb Diet for Effective Weight Loss

Diets that are low in carbohydrates are a very effective way to lose weight. Not only are low-carb diets healthy, they are good because they help your body to switch to fat burning mode. These diets follow a few simple rules like keeping carbohydrate intake low, protein intake moderate and fat intake high. Complement this with regular exercise to lose weight quickly.

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How to Lose Belly Fat Fast? Follow these Effective 16 Tips

Most people who are trying to slim down want to lose belly fat fast. Also known as visceral fat, this fat is the toughest to get rid of. Not only this fat, which is below the muscles of our stomach, makes us look odd but it is also quite dangerous to our health. Visceral can lead to many health issues like cardiovascular disease, Type 2 diabetes, and colorectal cancer. 

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How to Lose Weight Fast? – 6 Easy Steps

Most people begin the New Year highly motivated to lose weight fast. Unfortunately, most of them drop out of their diet plans before the end of January. The main reason for his is that most fad diets are not sustainable in the long run. If the diet is not based on sound scientific ideas, you will be low on energy and high on hunger. And this usually makes people give up on their diet plans. Follow these simple tips to improve your chances of long-term weight loss success.

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Sugar Busters Diet – What to Eat & Other Important Points

Trying to lose weight sometimes can be a meticulous process. With what is available on the internet, it becomes much necessary to understand health jargon. People do not seem to mind that, but find informative. Where junk food once was the rage, people these days prefer going for more healthy options. This conscious lifestyle calls for more healthy diet plans and sugar busters diet seems to be among one of them.

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9 Tips On How to Lose Weight With Hypothyroidism

You are trying to shed all that weight but to no avail. This brings me to an important question – Did you get yourself checked for thyroid? If yes, thyroid weight loss is a worry for patients and they have a hard time losing it. While it is certainly difficult, it is not impossible – not if you put your efforts in the right direction.

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