Weight Loss

Best Foods for Weight Loss

21 Best Foods for Weight Loss that You should Include in Your Diet Plan

Include these 21 best foods for weight loss to your diet to reach your weight loss goals. Weight loss foods include avocado, egg, chia seeds, apples, green leafy vegetables, etc. Not only are these foods rich in dietary fiber and nutrients, but they are also low in calories.
Keto Diet and Diabetes

Keto Diet and Diabetes Connection – Is it Safe?

Recent research has indicated that the scope of a keto diet extends so far as to help people with diabetes as well. Keto diet and diabetes have a strong connection. keto diet restricts carbs, which automatically reduces glucose level. When the blood sugar level goes down, it is helpful for people who have diabetes.
What is Ketoacidosis

What is Ketoacidosis? Types, Symptoms, Cause & Treatment

Ketoacidosis is a severe metabolic condition, in which there are very high levels of glucose or sugar along with ketones. This condition will make blood more acidic, which is harmful to health in many ways. DKP differs with ketosis, which is a healthy metabolism.
what is ketosis

What is Ketosis? Stages, Benefits, Side Effects & Measure

Ketosis is a metabolic state of the body in which it gets energy from ketones in the blood. This is in contrast to a state called glycolysis, in which glucose provides the energy. Ketosis is generally said to occur when the body metabolizes fat at a high rate, in the process of converting fatty acids into ketones.
How to Lose Water Weight Fast

How to Lose Water Weight Fast? – 15 Effective Remedies

Sometimes our body holds on to water & which leads to water retention. Water weight leads to swelling of hands & feet. People often query on how to lose water weight fast. There are several remedies such as drink water, exercise regularly, reduce sodium intake, sleep more, take prescription diuretics
Weight loss pills and weight loss supplements

13 Best Weight Loss Pills and Supplements That are Available as on Date

Weight loss supplements & weight loss pills help in reduction of your appetite, making you eat less, resulting in lower calorie intake. Lower calorie means fewer calories to burn. Pills & supplements that are available are protein powder, Garcinia Cambogia extract, Glutamine, Green Tea extract, Hydroxycut

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