High-Speed Braces – The Fastest Way to Achieve a Beautiful Smile

There is no doubt that everyone loves to have a beautiful and perfect smile. Unfortunately, not everyone is born with an ideal set of teeth.

Crowding, overbite, underbite, and spacing, are some of the common dental issues that most of the people face in their daily life.


Most of the times, it is the adult population that stays unhappy with the way their teeth look and the way they smile.

While Invisalign and veneers have proven to provide some help in giving the patients the smile of their dreams, more often adults prefer to follow the traditional method of braces.

Keeping this in mind, dental advancements have developed a fast method of providing happy smiles to patients while maintaining the traditions of orthodontic braces treatment.

High-speed braces are the solution to all your miseries. These braces use a self-ligating technology which increases aesthetics and comfort.

High-speed braces are the perfect choice for the adult population in today’s world, who needs quick treatments with best results.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s dive into the article to read about this new advancement in the field of orthodontics and see how you can benefit from high-speed braces.

What are high-speed braces?

High-speed braces are self-ligating, friction-free brackets. These braces help in three ways –

  • Allows the orthodontist to align the teeth efficiently
  • Treatments are faster
  • The procedure may require fewer appointments

How do high-speed braces work?

Unlike the traditional braces which use three components, the brackets, archwire, and elastics, high-speed braces use ‘Spring Clip’ technology. (1)

Spring clip technology eliminates the use of elastics. The high-speed braces have a permanently installed movable component to secure the wire in the bracket; hence, the term self-ligating.

This property allows high-speed braces to have brackets that are 30% smaller than traditional metal brackets. The forces applied by self-ligating braces are light.

Elimination of elastics creates a friction-free environment which minimizes soft tissue irritation.  

High-speed brackets are available in metal and ceramic to fit for every patient’s needs and requirements. These brackets can also be placed on the back of the teeth for specific cases, thereby increasing the aesthetic value.

The technology used in high-speed braces also eliminated the need for tooth extraction and palatal expansion.

Who can use high-speed braces?

You can be a suitable candidate to undergo orthodontic treatment with high-speed braces if you satisfy the following criteria –

  • You are an adult above 18 years of age
  • Your jaws and teeth are fully developed and do not require sweeping adjustments
  • You never had braces in your childhood

An orthodontist is the best person to determine whether you are fit to get high-speed braces treatment or not.

What is the purpose of high-speed braces?

The primary purpose of high-speed braces is to provide better oral health and improved smile to adult patients, who are concerned about their appearance. Let’s have a look in detail –

Improved Smile in adults

Unlike conventional braces treatment that take as long as 12-20 months to complete the procedure, high-speed braces only require around 6-9 months to provide best results.

The property of self-ligation allows the wire to slide through the brackets as the teeth move freely and quickly. This sliding technology also provides a friction-free movement which increases the level of comfort during the treatment. (2)

Better oral health

  • The small size of brackets in high-speed braces allows easy accessibility for brushing and flossing of teeth.
  • Shorter treatment time prevents decalcification of the teeth which is a common incidence seen in conventional braces treatment.

What are the benefits of using high-speed braces?

A beautiful, straight smile is what every adult thrives for. High-speed braces not only provide wonderful results but also come with a box full of advantages to make your dental experience a pleasant one.

Let’s look at the benefits if using high-speed braces –


One of the prime concerns for adults undergoing orthodontic treatment is to choose braces that don’t show too much. High-speed brackets are 1/3 the size of a traditional metal bracket.

Additionally, high-speed brackets also have a variety in ceramic which is tooth colored.  Hence they boost up your confidence while your teeth get straightened.


As mentioned above, high-speed braces are a miniature version of the traditional metal braces with the elimination of elastics. This is the reason why high-speed braces provide a friction-free environment in the mouth. (3)

Moreover, high-speed braces minimize discomfort and irritation of oral tissues like lips, cheeks, and gums.

The light pressure applied by the wire allows the teeth to move freely and quickly, thereby reducing treatment time.

Good oral hygiene

With a small size and a streamlined design, high-speed braces reduce the chances of food entrapment in the brackets. In addition to this, high-speed braces allow easy accessibility for brushing and flossing around the teeth.

Advanced technology

High-speed braces work on the ‘Spring Clip’ technology. The spring clip is made of a superelastic space age material which follows the commands of the orthodontist and applies light and continuous pressure to move the teeth in the correct position.

Hence, the ultimate results are quick and remarkable. (4)

Take away message

Dentistry is continuously evolving and so are dental procedures. High-speed braces are the new advancements in the field of orthodontics.

High-speed braces are the easiest and fastest means of dental treatment that help to achieve the smile of your dreams.


While discomfort and healing may take longer if you wear traditional braces as adults, high-speed braces have made a significant impact in providing comfortable orthodontic experience.

With so many added benefits, high-speed braces have proven to be the best out of all treatments for adult orthodontic procedures.

If you think you’ve lost your chance to achieve a beautiful smile, consult your dentist and ask about high-speed braces. See if you are a good candidate to undergo this treatment. It will truly transform your life.


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