holi precautions and tips

Stay safe this Holi. Holi is the festival of joy and revelry. It is one of the most awaited festivals of the year. For many of us, it is the day to forgive and forget, renew old friendships and make new friends. Unfortunately, this celebration of colour can turn into a nightmare if we do not take certain precautions while celebrating with our family and friends. Follow these Holi tips & precautions to stay healthy this Holi.

Health safety

We use a lot of synthetic chemical-based colours these days for Holi. These shades contain various sulphates and oxides which can cause a lot of damage to our health. Follow these tips to stay safe:


If you suffer from asthma or dust allergies it is better to avoid venturing out during Holi. Dry Holi colours can trigger your asthma or allergy.

Remove contact lenses

If you wear contact lenses, remove them before playing with colours. Wear glasses to protect your eyes. Close your eyes when you suspect someone is going to put colour on your face.

Avoid bhang

Bhang, when consumed in large quantities, can lead to increased blood pressure and heart rate. Avoid having bhang on an empty stomach and do not mix it with alcohol.

Stay hydrated

Playing out in the sun can be dehydrating. Drink lots of water all through the day. Not only does it help in keeping your energy levels up, it also prevents harmful chemicals from getting absorbed into the skin.

Avoid eating with coloured hands

Avoid eating any of the Holi snacks with coloured hands. You do not want to ingest the chemicals present in the colours these days. Wash your hands thoroughly before you snack. 

Skin care tips

We all love splashing colours on each other. It is the after effects and the damage that these colours cause that we hate. Many of us often end up with skin rashes, acne and skin infections thanks to Holi. Follow these tips to keep your skin safe from these chemicals:

Cover up

Wear full sleeved shirts and tops with jeans to protect your skin from direct contact with colours.

Use a good sunscreen

A sunscreen with SPF 50 is a good barrier cream. Petroleum jelly is good for the lips.  Apply these to protect your skin from harsh chemicals.

Paint your nails

Paint your nails and the skin surrounding them to protect your nails from chemical-laden colours. Cut your nails short to avoid colour from getting stuck in your nails.

Wash up with cold water

After the celebrations are over, clean your skin with cold water and soap. Do not scrub your skin or use a pumice stone.

Hair care tips

Our hair suffers a lot of damage post-Holi. The chemicals in the synthetic colours available in the market tend to make hair dry and brittle. They can also damage our scalp. Here are some hair care tips for Holi:

Cover up

Wear a bandana or a headscarf to protect your scalp. Some chemical-based colours can make scalp itchy.

Oil your hair

Oil your hair with coconut oil at least an hour before you venture out to play Holi. This will help protect your hair from chemicals and also help in removing colour efficiently.

Tie it up

Open hair absorbs more colour than tied up hair. So, fashion your hair into a braid, bun or a simple ponytail to prevent it from becoming dry and brittle.

Rinse up

Remove the entire colour from your hair by rinsing it thoroughly with water. Continue till all the colour is out of your hair. Now you can shampoo and condition your hair.

Avoid chemical treatments

Avoid any chemical treatments like hair colouring, bleaching or straightening for at least a week after Holi. Instead, oil your hair regularly for the next few weeks to keep your hair healthy.

Safety for children

Holi is the favourite festival of most children. They love squirting people with pichkaris and throwing colours on them. Holi can also be quite dangerous for children as they can get into accidents. Follow these tips to keep your child safe during Holi:

Watch out

Children are vulnerable to disasters, and you can lose them in large crowds. So keep an eye on them during the festivities.

Avoid water balloons

Water balloons may be fun to play with but can also cause injury if they are hurled with a force.

Eye care

You must impress upon people to not smear colour on the faces of children. This can get into the eyes and mouth of children and cause damage.

Use organic colours

Try to use natural colour as much as possible. These will not cause harm to the children’s skin.

Be ready

Keep the number of your paediatrician and the closest hospital handy. It is always better to be prepared for emergencies.