How Many Pillows Should You Sleep with at Night?

Some people sleep with one pillow, some with two. There are those who sleep without pillows and those who sleep surrounded by pillows. Which brings us to the ultimate question, how many pillows should you sleep with?

Well, according to experts we must sleep in such a manner that our head, neck and spine positions are neutral. And one pillow is more than enough for this. Read on to know more about pillows and why one pillow is just right for comfortable sleep.


The evolution of the pillow

History of the pillow can be traced to Egypt and Mesopotamia. Pharaoh’s of Egypt were buried with pillows made out of wood with the curvature of the head cut into it. Chinese made their pillows from jade, porcelain, wood and bamboo.

The Greeks and the Romans used reed, straw and feathered down for their pillows. Pillows became quite a commonplace during the 1800s, though they were changed quite often due to mould and mildew.

The mass production of the kind of pillows we use today began in the 1900s. Now pillows have become an essential sleep accessory. We can’t even imagine sleeping without our pillow now.

One pillow under the head is ideal

Lousy sleep position can cause many health problems like neck pain, back pain and headache. The correct mattress and pillow play an essential role in the proper alignment of the neck and spine.

You should always choose a pillow that keeps your neck and spine in the neutral position. Though a single pillow under your head is enough for proper alignment, you must select the correct pillow. A pillow that is too high or too low, it can lead to health issues.

Stacking up pillows is wrong

Some of us stack up two pillows so that we can align our head correctly. It is better to use one thick pillow rather than stacking up two.

When we change our position during the night, the stacked-up pillows will also shift, and we may end up sleeping in an awkward and uncomfortable position. Prolonged usage of wrong pillows can lead to serious health issues.

Sleep position

The position we sleep in can also determine how many pillows we need.

Sleeping on your side

Side sleepers should use two pillows – one under their head and one between their knees. This prevents the leg on top from pulling your spine out of alignment and relieves the stress on the lower back and hips.

Sleeping on the stomach

Though experts do not recommend this position, most people get back to the position that they are most comfortable with during the night. If you are a stomach sleeper, one thin pillow is what you need. Make sure your neck and spine are not too angled.

Sleeping on the back

One pillow is the best for back sleepers. Choose a pillow that is neither too high nor too low. A pillow that is too high will lead to a loss of normal spinal curvature, and one that is too low will exaggerate this curvature. So, choose the correct pillow for comfortable sleep.

How to choose the right pillow?

Your body type and sleep position determine the kind of pillow you should choose. Memory foam pillows are quite popular as they mould to the back of the head and shoulders and provide excellent support.

You can also opt for adjustable pillows that allow you to take out or add the filling till you find the correct thickness for a comfortable sleep. Some pillow companies allow you to try their pillows till you make your final choice. So, go for this option to make a better decision.

Body pillows are an excellent option for side sleepers and pregnant women. It provides additional support and proper spine alignment.

Is it better to sleep without a pillow?

We are introduced to pillows as babies, and so most of us can not even think of sleeping without one when we grow older.

Many experts believe that sleeping without a pillow allows the spine to rest with the natural curves of the body. There are many benefits of sleeping without pillows.

Reduces Wrinkles

When you squish your face against the pillow, you tend to develop more wrinkles. So, sleep without one to look younger.

Reduces acne

Our pillows tend to collect dust and other impurities. When we rest our face against the pillow, we can develop acne.


Reduces neck pain

Sleeping on the wrong pillow can cause neck pain and avoiding one can help reduce this.


Most experts recommend sleeping with one pillow. However, you must take some things into account before you make the final decision. Consider the position you sleep in to make the final decision.


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