How Often Should You Flip Your Mattress?

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Quality sleep is essential for good health. So, it is important to keep your mattress in good shape. Flipping and rotating your mattress regularly is the key to its performance and longer lifespan. But how often should we flip mattress? Considering the new technology, is flipping even necessary? In this article, we will answer some of these questions related to mattress maintenance.

Why is rotating or flipping your mattress important?

If you sleep on one side and in one position on the bed, you are putting pressure only one side of the bed. This pressure may make your mattress sag from that particular side.


Rotate your mattress every three months to ensure even wear and tear of your mattress. This action will help your mattress last longer and ensure that you can sleep more comfortably by providing the correct support to your spine.

Some of the older innerspring mattresses require you to flip them over every once in a while, as this can ensure that they last longer.

Rotating or flipping mattress – which is a better option?

Rotating means turning the mattress 180 degrees so that the head of the bed is now at the foot. Rotation is essential as it evens out to the wear and tear, and makes the mattress last longer.

Flipping the mattress means turning it upside down. Though most modern mattresses do not need to be flipped, some older mattresses and innerspring mattresses that have no pillowtop can benefit from flipping. You should also rotate these mattresses when you flip them.

So, how often should you rotate or flip your mattress?

There is no one single answer to this question. Different mattresses are made up of a combination of different materials, and they need different care. You must flip or rotate your mattress once in three to six months depending on the usage and the kind of material used to make the mattress.

Most mattress manufacturers recommend flipping or rotating your mattress once every three months. A lower quality mattress needs more frequent flipping as compared to a better quality one.

What types of mattresses need to be rotated?

Though each mattress comes with its own set of instructions for maintenance, as a general rule, you must rotate your mattress regularly. You can make these mattresses last longer by turning them:

  • Latex Foam
  • Innerspring
  • Memory Foam
  • Hybrid (a combination of innerspring and foam).
  • Airbeds that come with toppers should also be rotated.

What types of mattresses need to be flipped?

Non-pillow top innerspring mattresses need to be regularly flipped so that they continue to provide you with the support. There is no need to flip mattresses with different layers. Hybrid mattresses also contain innerspring but should not be flipped.

What types of mattresses do not need flipping or rotating?

Sleep Number and Tempur-Pedic are the two brands of mattresses that do not need any flipping or rotating.

What is the correct way to rotate your mattress?

We tend to forget to flip our mattresses, so it is better to plan this for the year. Set a reminder on your phone or your laptop, so that you can rotate your mattress at regular intervals. Also remember to turn in the same direction, clockwise or anticlockwise, every time.

Move the other furniture like nightstands away from the bed before you start moving your mattress. Remove all the bedding like sheets, comforters, and pillows. If you have a headboard, shift the mattress a little away from that before you begin rotating.

If you have a footboard, you can lift up the mattress and rest it on the footboard. Seek the help of a friend as these mattresses can be too heavy to handle on your own.

While you are at it, get your vacuum cleaner and clean the hard to reach spots under and around the mattress.

How should I flip my mattress?

Rotate your inner spring mattresses 180 degrees while you flip it as this will ensure even wear and tear. Ensure that you have a friend to help you out as it can be difficult to flip these heavy mattresses on your own.


Final words on flipping your mattress

Some mattresses require rotating, while others need to be flipped and rotated. And then there are a few they don’t need either. Read the instruction that came with your mattress before you attempt to flip or rotate them.

Get a friend to help you out and do not forget to vacuum your mattress and your bed while you are at it.


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