How to Clean Mattress Topper? – In 2 Steps

Memory Foam mattress toppers have become popular these days thanks to the exceptional level of comfort and support they provide during sleep.

Memory foam is made of a particular type of material using advanced visco technology memory foam.


If you have been using this kind of mattress topper, you must clean it at least once every few months to ensure that it is free of dust, allergens, and bacteria.

Common allergens found in mattress toppers

Here’s a list of some of the allergens that can contaminate your mattress topper:

Dust Mites

These tiny mites feed on the skin cells that you shed on the bed.


Pollen can settle on your topper, especially during spring and summer months. Some people are highly allergic to pollen.

Mold spores

Molds release these spores in damp places.

Pet Dander

Pet dander is a combination of animal skin cells and their hair. It can cause an allergic reaction in some people.

Cleaning a memory foam mattress topper

Since the topper is made of a delicate material, you cannot just toss it in the washing machine. Special care must be taken to wash your mattress topper by hand to keep it in perfect condition.  

Follow these few steps to clean your mattress correctly.

Things you will need

Collect these few necessary stuff before you begin the cleaning process.

  1. A proper place where the mattress can be placed for cleaning and drying.
  2. A few clean towels or pieces of cotton cloth.
  3. A mild, non-abrasive washing detergent or liquid.
  4. A spray bottle to spray the detergent.
  5. A vacuum cleaner
  6. A small fan

Vacuuming your memory foam

Clean your memory foam mattress topper thoroughly with a vacuum cleaner. Use a soft brush attachment and move over the mattress a circular motion.

Make sure you can pick up all the dirt and other particles from the mattress.  Pay particular attention to the services because dusk tends to settle in such places.

You can also use water based vacuum cleaners but ensure that you leave you topper for drying for several hours before you use it.

Vacuum your topper once a week for best results. Make sure that you vacuum on both sides.

How to clean a mattress topper infographic

Spot cleaning of stains

Spot cleaning of stains on the topper will need some extra efforts. Use vinegar and baking soda to get rid of these stubborn stains on your topper.

Vinegar and water solution

Place the mattress topper on a flat surface and vacuum it. Make a solution of two parts vinegar and one part water. Rub this mixture on the stain to clean it thoroughly.

Clean the vinegar with a damp towel and dry it with a dry one.

Baking soda mixture

Baking soda mixed with water is another perfect solution for removing tough stains. Mix one part of soda with two parts of water and stir it till baking soda dissolves and turns milky.

Rub this mixture on the stain and the area around till you can get as much stain out as possible. Leave the mixture for half an hour and then cream it with a damp cloth or towel.

Use a dry cloth to blot out the excess water from the mattress topper.

Removing odors from mattress toppers

Some smell like urine, vomit, and cigarette can be challenging to remove. To remove these odors vacuum and spot clean the mattress as mentioned above.

Then sprinkle the mattress with some baking soda. Let it stay for at least eight hours and then vacuum.

You can also clean with citrus based cleaning products that are available in the market as they are beneficial in removing odors.

You can also expose the mattress topper to direct sunlight for a short period as it can help eliminate most odors.

Cleaning the complete mattress topper

While vacuuming once a week is good and spot cleaning any spills and stains is essential, you must also wash the entire mattress topper thoroughly every few months.

For this spray the whole topper with a detergent solution. Don’t spray the entire mattress together. Spray the detergent solution on small sections at a time and gently rub with a soft cloth or towel in a circular motion.


Once the complete topper has been cleaned, use the spray bottle to rinse it with cold water. Dab the excess water with towels.

Roll the topper inwards gently to remove the excess water. Do not squeeze. Unroll the topper and let it dry before you use it.

Drying memory foam mattress topper

You must dry the mattress topper thoroughly before you use it to prevent mildew. Leave the mattress to dry under shade for at least eight hours. Use a fan or a dryer to help dry up the mattress topper faster.

Tips to clean a memory foam mattress topper safely

  1. Do not use a very high setting of dryers to dry up your mattress topper. Direct heat of the dryer can damage it.
  2. Direct sunlight can damage the mattress. So dry it in the shade and never in the afternoon sun.
  3. Make sure your mattress topper is completely dry before you use it. Even a little bit of moisture can promote molds.
  4. Don’t machine wash or machine dry your topper. You may end up damaging it.
  5. Never use hot water to wash your topper.
  6. Do not use hydrogen peroxide to clean your mattress topper. It can ruin the color and texture of memory foam.
  7. Use covers for your memory foam. These covers will protect your mattress topper and can easily be machine washed.

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