How to Disable Google Now or Turn Off OK Google

The terminology Google Now is dead, at least by the name. Longstanding Android users now know Google Now as Google app, which is a default application on any Android phone. Sometimes I get paranoid with the machine learning human behaviour and wish to disable Google Now or turn off OK Google feature.

OK Google” feature looks promising but it is still not there in terms of usability. You may get distracted by the overwhelming Google results thrown at you. Personally, I spend more time than required when I ask queries from Google app.

Also, if you are not a native English speaker, then maybe Google Now is meant not for you. It may not understand you completely, or it may not even respond when you say OK Google.

For people who have latest Android phones with Google Assistant, you can disable “OK Google” there or in Google App. Either way, it will disable OK Google at all places. But just to remind you, disabling “OK Google” will not inhibit Google Assistant to launch when you long press the home button. Well, there are ways to disable Google Assistant too.

Turn off OK Google from Google App

Step 1 – Launch the Google App

Google App is the default application on any Android smartphone. There is no way to download this app externally. Launch the application as shown below.

Launch Google App - Disable OK Google or Google Now

Step 2 – Browse Google App menu

Click the three horizontal lines at the left top corner and click settings as shown below.

Click horizontal linesClick settings

Step 3 – Click ‘Voice’

Look for ‘Voice’ option and then click “Ok Google” detection.

Click Voice section

Step 4 – Disable OK Google

Here you may see different options depending on various Android phone models. But in short, you have to disable all possibilities which say enable OK Google.

Go to voice settings and click OK Google Detection

Turn off OK Google from Google Assistant

Step 1 – Launch Google Assistant

Hold and long press home button and launch Google Assistant.

Step 2 – Click the drawer icon

Click the drawer icon at the right top corner of Google Assistant screen. Then click three dots the right top corner and head to settings.

Drawer icon on Google Assistant for disabling ok googleSettings in Google Assistant to disable ok google

Step 3 – Disable OK Google

Go to Phone and then “Ok Google” detection. Here you can turn “Say ‘Ok Google’ anytime” on or off.