how to fix an air mattress leakage
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Air mattresses can be a convenient way to make some extra sleeping space in your home when you have guests over. These mattresses are also easy to store or carry with you for a camping trip as they take little space when they are deflated. Unfortunately, this super convenient sleeping solution can quickly get damaged. Air mattresses can easily get punctured or can spring a leak near the valve. Sleeping on an air mattress that is partially deflated can be very uncomfortable. So, it is essential to find and repair the leak in air mattress as soon as possible.

Read on to learn how to fix an air mattress leak in five simple steps.

1.  Confirm that there is a leak

You may have woken up on a deflated mattress, but that does not necessarily mean that your air mattress has sprung a leak. Your mattress could have lost air due to many reasons like change in temperature or because the mattress material has got stretched. Re-inflate your mattress to confirm that it is indeed a puncture that is causing the leak.

2. Check the valve

You must check the valve to confirm that there is no leak there. Ensure that the valve is fully closed. If you find a fault in the air valve, you can get it replaced as the warranty covers this.

3. Find the leak

Air mattress leaks are not easy to spot. However, these few tips can make this task easier.

  • Prop the mattress against the wall and check the bottom. Most air leaks occur in the bottom of the air mattress due to contact with sharp objects.
  • Check the seams of the mattress if you can not find the puncture at the bottom.
  • Listen for the hissing sound or check for escaping air.
  • Run a soapy sponge along the surface of the mattress and look for air bubbles.
  • Once you locate the hole, mark it with a permanent marker.
  • Clean the mattress and let it dry.

Warning: Do not use the submerging method to locate the leak. This method, which is mainly used for locating punctures in tyres, involves submerging the mattress in a pool of water.  This can be effective in finding the leak but can also damage the air mattress.

4. Sand and clean

Deflate the mattress entirely before you begin this step.  If you find the leakage on that part of the mattress that has a fabric or fibre layer on it, use sandpaper to remove the fibres till you reach the vinyl surface.

Clean any dirt around the hole with rubbing alcohol. The patch can get fixed well only if the surface around the leak is smooth and clean.

5. Fix the puncture

There are several techniques available to fix the leak in your mattress.

Air mattress Patch Kit

Use the patch repair kit that came with the mattress. Many air mattress companies give patch kits with their mattress. So, if you can locate the one that came with yours, use it to repair your air mattress. Some companies also sell these kits separately.

Some patches are like bandages, and they come with an adhesive surface. Others require you to apply epoxy glue or liquid cement to the area around the leak and then fix the patch on it. Allow the adhesive to set for at least two hours. Place a flat object on it to keep it in place.

Tyre patch

You can also purchase a bike tyre patch kit for your mattress. These patches can work as well for your mattress. After all, if they can work on your tyres, they will work sufficiently on your mattress as well.

DIY patch

You can also make your patch using a think plastic sheet like a shower curtain. Make sure the piece is large enough to cover the leak and the area around it. You can use super glue, epoxy glue or rubber cement to fix the plastic patch.

Hot glue

You can also use a hot glue gun to fix the leak. Make sure that the glue gun does not touch the mattress or else it will damage it further. This is not a very long-term solution as the glue may crack, and the leak can reappear.  

Duct tape

Use a duct tape as a temporary measure to slow down the leak of the mattress for the night.  This is a temporary solution as the glue on the tape will eventually wear off.

Air mattress warranty

Each mattress company is different when it comes to warranties. Some companies cover defects for a limited period while others give a lifetime warranty. Most warranties cover leaks caused by mattress defects but not those caused by sharp objects.

Do not try to repair the mattress with things other than those provided in the repair kit as this may void the warranty.

Final words on how to fix an air mattress

If there is a leak in your air mattress, you can repair it by following these simple steps. Get your air mattress changed if a manufacturing defect caused the hole and it is still under warranty.