How to Fix IP Address Conflict

How to fix ip address conflict is not an uncommon question these days. IP address conflicts occur when two or more devices connected to a network have the same IP address.  One or more network devices with IP address conflict may become utterly useless in terms of network connectivity. They may also fail to connect to the internet if they try to do so.

Either ip address conflict will resolve automatically or you may need to take help of a network administrator to fix it. Use of DHCP (Dynamic host configuration protocol) generally avoid these kind of errors.


There are various reasons due to which IP address conflict can occur some of them are malfunctioning of the router or if the ISP has assigned the same static IP addresses to multiple devices.

Before digging deeper into IP address conflict, lets quickly recap what an IP address is.

What is an IP address?

The IP address is an internet protocol address which is used for identifying computers or other devices on a network, and it is unique for every device.

An IP address is like a house address which is different for every house, and it is easy to identify a home with the address, and without the address, it will be impossible to locate the house.

Same is the case with IP addresses if a device is not assigned an IP address then there is no way to identify the device.

Types of IP address

Usually, there are two types of IP addresses, i.e., the static one and the dynamic one.

The static IP address is that address which is given to device by the ISP, and it does not change. On the other hand, the dynamic IP address is that address which is assigned automatically when a device gets connected to the internet or a router.

The static one is the like permanent address, and the dynamic address is the temporary address. Dynamic address may change with reboot of the device.

Why IP address conflicts occur

Some reasons due to which conflicts occur are:

  • If the ISP has provided the same static IP addresses to two users, then IP conflict is likely to happen, but it doesn’t happen in these days because of DHCP. DHCP has wholly removed the IP conflicts due to this reason because they are built in the routers and manage a pool of IP addresses and returns an IP address from that pool whenever there is a request for IP address from a system.
  • Whenever two devices facilitate network connection, then IP conflicts are likely to happen since both the devices may have DHCP which gets turn on by default. Both the DHCP are going to assign addresses to devices.

It may result in assigning the same IP addresses to multiple devices.

  • Another reason for the IP conflicts can be a device connected to multiple network adapters.
  • If there is some problem with the DHCP, it may result in assigning the same dynamic addresses to multiple devices.

It may also happen due to a device that was connected to a different network earlier, and is carried to another network in the sleep or hibernated mode then there are chances that the IP address of that device is same as a device in the new network.

How to know if you are victim

It is straightforward to spot that you are a prey of IP conflicts. There are different kinds of message that will come up on your screen which will be telling that you have a problem of IP conflicts. One of the symptoms is that you won’t be able to access the internet. Some of the most common messages that come over the screen are.

  • The static IP address that was just configured is already in use on the network. Please reconfigure a different IP address.
  • There is an IP address conflict with another system on the network.
  • The system has detected a conflict for IP address.

How to fix IP address conflict

If someone is facing the issue of IP conflict, then this section will help them. The techniques mentioned below are going to work in most of the cases of IP conflicts.

  • Rebooting a router is the primary thing one can do if the device is connected to a router. Sometimes what happens is that router has been on for months, so it starts malfunctioning, a simple reboot will be enough to make it work again.
  • Renewing the IP address is also a way to resolve the issue. You can achieve this quickly either by commands like IPCONFIG /RELEASE and IPCONFIG /RENEW. Sometimes, restarting your device can also accomplish the same but will take little time.
  • If the DHCP of the router is not working correctly then upgrading the firmware of the router can make it work out.
  • If none of the above solution works then you can go for reconfiguring the static IP address.

These remedies are just adequate for any IP conflict issues.


Over to you on “How to fix IP address conflict”

IP address conflict is a common problem, and anyone can face it. You may want to upgrade your router with latest firmware, if you experience chronic IP conflicts. You may consider using DHCP server as well, if you are yet not doing so. Identifying IP address conflict is quite easy as you will generally be intimated by pop up warning messages. These errors generally resolve automatically, or you may need to consult your network administrator to fix this.


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