How to Make a Meme? – 5 Things to Keep in Mind


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When you laugh at a meme, it is also essential to know how you construct it. A lot of times you make the perfect meme in the world which has the hilarious content ever but the only problem could be either the way it is placed or the image isn’t matching the context of the meme or even the font used in it is wrong. All this together can make a disaster. There are certain things, really necessary to keep in mind while you make a meme. It is a step by step process.

Step 1: check out the existing meme

Before you create your meme, it is necessary to check out the memes that are trending or were trending at some point in these years. While you are at it, you need to evaluate them and check out what is it that you are attracted to in that meme.

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Is it the content or is the way it comes out (execution-wise) that is more pleasing to you.  It also does not matter what format it is in – a photo, a gif, a video or a musical meme.

Another factor that comes into play when you are checking out the memes is, is it shareable. Now if you come across a content that is not good enough or too vulgar, it is not very shareable, but again it is subjective.

Step 2: Choose your meme creator tool

Now when you have figured out the right ideas to make your meme, the next step come to which website will you choose to create your meme.

There are a lot of reliable websites that will help you with your perfect meme. If you want to create your meme from scratch, you will need some additional help from Photoshop, but if you are making something from the existing ones, the templates are available on the websites.

Step 3: choose your image

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When you decide on to your website, now is the idea to start and execute your plan. When you create a meme, the most important thing that also becomes its first step is to choose the photograph.

If you are making a meme from scratch, then you have already used photoshop for your background image, but if you are making a meme from the existing ones, you can check out the pictures that are available.

One thing that you have to keep in mind is – what sort of genre should the meme follow? It could be funny, sad or serious. Also, what kind of message you wish to give out from your meme?

Step 4: Write your captions

Once you select your image, now you have already narrowed it down to your genre and information.

When you come to the text that is to be included in your meme, you first have to find out how many text boxes are you getting, where can you place them and how big text can fit in it.

After this, you check out the font size, shape and colour. The most critical element here is the colour. Most memes usually use either white or black fonts depending on the kind of contrast you are getting. Also, the text should be written in upper case.

Once you know what size, colour and font you are using, just adjust it accordingly.

Step 5: Share it with the world!

Now with the write image and the right text, you have created your perfect meme. It entirely depends on you if you want to share it or not but you can also keep it in your secret stash of ideal comeback memes!

The choice is entirely yours!

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