How to Make an Air Mattress Comfortable? – 10 Simple Tips

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Air mattresses have always been popular as an emergency bed for an overnight guest or camping. They are rarely used as regular beds in homes. The main reason for this is that they are not the most comfortable beds for sleeping. However, you can make your air bed much more comfortable by following these simple tips.

1. Re-inflate regularly

Even the best quality air beds start sagging after a few days of use. Mattresses usually deflate if there is a change in temperature and if there is a leak in the valve. The material of new mattresses stretches out in the few first few days, and this can also cause sagging.


Make sure your air mattress is firm by pumping air into it regularly. Choose a mattress with a built-in pump so that you do not lose air when you detach the pump from the mattress. A firm mattress can improve the quality of your sleep tremendously.

2. Spread nice bed sheets

The air inside the air mattress can become pretty warm during the warm summer days. Similarly, the mattress can be pretty cold during the winters. Putting proper covers and sheets on the mattress can solve this problem quickly.

Make sure they fit correctly over the air mattress. Invest in some quality bed sheets to give your air bad a luxurious feel. Add a comforter, some plush pillows and cushions to give it a feeling of a real bed.

3. Place it on a rug

Place your air mattress on your carpet or a mat to keep it from sliding on the floor as you try to get in or out of bed. Placing your mattress on a soft surface also saves the mattress from developing leaks from any sharp objects lying on the floor.

The vinyl bottom of the rug can be quite noisy on the hardwood floors, so placing it on a rug can provide you quieter and more peaceful sleep.

4. Add a mattress topper

Air mattresses can feel a bit hard and rubbery sometimes. You can create the softness and comfort of a traditional bed by adding a topper to your air mattress. Mattress toppers can add an extra layer of cushion to your inflatable bed. Many mattress toppers come with heating and cooling pads. This is an investment you won’t regret.

5. Create a headboard

Some air mattresses come with a built-in headboard, but most don’t. In that case, place your air bed next to a wall. It will this give your guests something to lean on while reading a book or having breakfast in bed.

Headboards also prevent pillows from falling off the bed during the night. You can also construct a mattress stand and fit a headboard on to it to give your air mattress a look and feel of a real bed.

6. Raise the mattress up from the ground

Air mattresses can get chilly during the night as the air begins to cool inside the mattress. An excellent way to prevent this is to lift up the mattress from the ground. Buy a mattress stand, cot or box spring to elevate the mattress. The increased height of the air bed will make it easier to get in and out of bed.

7. Use good quality pillows

Pillows are essential for sleep as they help in proper spinal alignment. They prevent back and neck pains. Choose good quality pillow to improve the quality of your sleep. This suggestion applies to a regular mattress as well.

8. Keep your pets away

Pets, especially cats, can damage your airbed quite severely. Keep your curious pets away from the airbed as their scratches can ruin your airbed. A leaky bed cannot provide any comfort.

9. Inflate or deflate

Nowadays, many air beds come with a built-in pump. So, depending on whether your guests prefer a firm and hard bed or a soft and comfy one, you can inflate or deflate your mattress accordingly. This option of fine-tuning the softness of your bed with a twist of a knob is available only in an air mattress.

10. Store your mattress safely

Fold and store your air mattress properly. Read the instructions carefully and pack your air mattress as advised. Shoving it roughly into the storage can lead to holes and tears that are often impossible to repair. If the mattress is not folded correctly, it can lead to creases on the fabric.


These creases make the mattress uneven on inflation which can be very uncomfortable for sleeping.


Using an air mattress has many advantages. Not only is it cheaper than a regular mattress, but it is also portable and easy to store. So, when you can make it as comfortable as a regular bed, you’ve got a sure shot winner with you. Follow the tips given above and enjoy the comfort of your air bed.


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