Quiz – ICC World Cup Cricket 2019 – How Much You Can Score?

The ICC World Cup is one of the most exciting tournament of cricket that always takes its fan on a free roller coaster rider of emotions and excitement. The ICC World Cup 2019 has already begun. Even before it started, there was so much hype about it.

One unique thing about this world cup is the kind of high score teams are getting. While teams are scoring huge runs, lets see how much you score in this cricket world cup 2019 quiz.


1. Which edition of the Cricket World Cup is 2019 ICC World Cup?


Quite an easy one, isn’t it? The 2019 ICC World Cup tournament is contested by men’s national team of the ICC and is being hosted by England and Wales.

2. You should have seen the logo of ICC World cup 2019, its simple but quirky. Can you name the color in which “England and Wales 2019” is written on it?


The ICC World cup 2019’s logo is designed with the combination of two colors "torch red", and grey.

3. Out of the 11 venues for 2019 World Cup do you know where was the first match played and what place is assigned for the final game?


For the tournament of 2019 ICC world cup, a total of 11 venues are selected. The Oval’s is situated in London, which was established in 1845. The Lord’s where the final match will take place is also in London, it was established in the year 1814.


4. As per ICC regulations, players can't sport any commercial, religious or military logo. Can you name the batsman whose request to use the ‘Universe Boss’ logo was refused by ICC?


Before Chris Gayle, MS Dhoni's request of wearing keeping gloves having dagger insignia was rejected by ICC. MS wore those gloves in a match between India and South Africa.

5. On Monday 10th June 2019 this cricketer announced his international retirement? Can you name him? He was the Man of the Tournament in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011.


Yuvraj Singh bids his farewell from the International cricket. He was a left-handed all-rounder who played for the team India. He had last played for India June 2017.

6. Which team hasn’t won any match till June 14, 2019, in ICC World Cup 2019?


Afganistan has played three matches until June 14, 2019, first match against Australia, where Australia won by seven wickets. The second match was against Srilanka, and the third one was against New Zealand.


7. In the year 2015, 14 teams participated in Cricket World Cup 2015. Do you know the total number of teams participating in 2019?


This year ten teams have participated in Cricket World Cup 2019. The teams are Australia, England, India, West Indies, Bangladesh, South Africa, New Zealand, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Afghanistan.

8. Shikhar Dhawan, the star batsman of India, was injured on his thumb by a short ball from Pat Cummins during their match with Australia on 9th June 2019. Which player replaced Shikhar Dhawan in the game with Pakistan?


When Shikhar Dhawan on Monday was sent for the diagnosis of his thumb, the report revealed a hairline fracture. So, K.L. Rahul who usually plays in the 4th position, opened the Innings in Shikhar’s absence.

9. Who has the highest individual score in the Cricket World Cup 2019, till June 20, 2019. Can you guess the name and number of runs he scored?


Finch becomes the first batsman from Australia to cross 150 in ICC world cup 2019. But then Warner surpassed Finch's highest score on 20th June against Bangladesh.


10. Which cricketer has taken the highest number of wickets till June 16, 2019?


Mohammad Amir has taken 13 wickets in 4 matches and four innings. Though Mitchell Starc also has 13 wickets to his name from five games, he is standing behind the Pakistan fast bowler at the second position because of a lower strike rate.

Quiz - ICC World Cup 2019 – How Much You Can Score?

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