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This could be the beginning of the long-awaited “supercycle,” which could ultimately drive Apple’s market cap to $3 trillion over the coming year. The tech titan’s detractors insist that there are no worlds left for Apple to conquer and investors would be better served to put their money elsewhere. Yet even as the most valuable company in the world, there are still plenty of reasons for investors to buy Apple stock and never sell.

should i invest in apple

Apple’s services revenue came in at $68.4 billion for the year, growing 27.3% compared to the fiscal year 2020. One major perk of this unit is that it boasts juicier margins than the rest of Apple’s business. Apple’s product gross margin came in at 35.3%, compared to 69.7% for its services unit. During Apple’s fourth quarter of its fiscal year 2021, which ended on Sept. 25, 2021, Apple generated $38.9 billion in sales from its iPhone segment, representing a 47% jump compared to the year-ago period. Some analysts had predicted that excitement surrounding new iPhone releases would eventually die down, and sales of the products would plummet as a result.

Apple Stock Forecast

All financial products, shopping products and services are presented without warranty. When evaluating offers, please review the financial institution’s Terms and Conditions. If you find discrepancies with your credit score or information from your credit report, please contact TransUnion® directly. Apple is not floundering in the second post-Jobs era the way it did between 1985 and 1995. Apple stock is currently hitting new all-time highs, as the company sees strong growth from its wearables and services segments.

In reviewing the margin forecasts, the consensus expectation is for a much higher operating margin averaging 26.3%, some 60 basis points above ours. By way of comparison, Apple’s operating margin has not reached that level since 2018. As a result, consensus EPS for the next three years is $4.42, $4.65, and $4.89, which based on the current price results in forward P/E ratios of 29.6 times, 28.2 times, and 26.8 times. With all of the above in mind, Apple’s stock looks like a great deal, especially at a time when investors are wisely focused on finding profitable companies that still have room to grow. Apple has plenty of cash it can use to invest in new products and increase shareholder value. Get stock recommendations, portfolio guidance, and more from The Motley Fool’s premium services.

I’m JR, the lead writer and founder of JR Research and Ultimate Growth Investing Marketplace service. Our team is committed to bringing more clarity to investors in their investment decisions. That’s what is lexatrade enough cash generated in a single year to cover the company’s nearly $120 billion of borrowings, not to mention the $169 billion of existing cash and marketable securities on its balance sheet.


It’s sobering to look at the company’s level of dependence on one product. Last quarter, 56% of worldwide sales came from iPhone, 20% from iPad, 10% from Mac, and 4% from iPod. Because these intelligent investor share advisor review investment funds own hundreds or even thousands of different stocks, they’re generally considered to be less risky than individual stocks while still offering solid long-term returns.

should i invest in apple

The pandemic sped up e-commerce and wireless broadband usage by years to accelerate the move toward mass 5G and to handle capacity. We are now in the adoption and immersion stage, where consumers and businesses can gain access to and use 5G. Mass market adoption should happen by 2025, when 5G will cover two-thirds of the world, according to Ericsson. 5G offers a platform for innovation and efficiency, enhances current applications and opens up the doorway to a multitude of new technologies and applications. By now, you’ve likely heard the term “5G wireless” a number of times.

We’re still in the early innings of the 5G revolution, so consider whether 5G deserves a place in your portfolio. The company continues to invest in 5G infrastructure; operators continue to add capacity at a higher rate. Notable wins include a contract for 45% of India-based Bharti Airtel’s planned 5G network and selection by India’s largest mobile carrier, Reliance Jio, as its 5G equipment provider. In fact, it would have been a smart move to sell Apple and buy shares of Microsoftin the early 1990s.

After Steve Jobs resigned from Apple in 1985, the company entered a dark period. Management during those years focused more on profits instead of making great products, as Jobs explained in the biography Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson. Apple lost a significant amount of market share to Microsoft during that time. Another aspect of Apple’s capital return policy is its aggressive share repurchase plan.

Fundamentals of Apple stock

All investments can fall as well as rise in value so you could lose some or all of your investment. Altogether Apple seems to be a relatively risk-free investment in a long-term portfolio. Apple has proven time and again that it’s not to be underestimated. It’s a dominant brand that continues to command considerable market share and innovate with new ideas. Meanwhile, the world is experiencing a global shortage of semiconductors, affecting many tech companies, including Apple. There is a lot to like about Apple as an investment, but even the world’s most valuable companies face shareholder risks.

  • You can compare this information to other stocks or benchmarks like the S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite Index.
  • This coupled with a valuation approaching $3 trillion, the tech company is an excellent buy-and-hold stock.
  • All users should speak with their financial advisor before buying or selling any securities.
  • By way of comparison, Apple’s operating margin has not reached that level since 2018.

Telephone carrier ads everywhere tout the superiority of their 5G network. In fact, you may have already upgraded to a 5G smartphone but may not notice the difference. Your 5G phone may still operate on a 4G network since your geographical area may not yet support 5G.

Apple’s signature device, the iPhone, was first released in 2007. And while it has become one of the leading smartphones on the market, new releases of the iPhone still generate quite a lot of buzz — more than 14 years after it was first introduced. usgfx broker Perhaps more importantly, iPhone models continue to generate robust sales for the tech company. I have no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article. Our discussion mainly focuses on a short- to medium-term thesis.

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We also sell both admissions and sponsorship packages for our investment conferences and advertising on our websites and newsletters. In order to justify the current market price, revenue would need to grow at an 11.5% compound annual growth rate over the next five years and the operating margin would need to average 28.0%. Yet, without a paradigm shift in the company’s business profile, these assumptions appear unlikely.

Possibly, since a larger drop in the share price can offer a larger annual dividend yield and more upside potential when the stock market recovers. The return in Apple stock doesn’t sound like a lot since we’re talking about one of the greatest tech companies ever. In percentage terms, Apple stock has compounded at 18% per year since its IPO price. That means that if you had invested $10,000 in Apple in 1980, you would have about $6.7 million. Apple announced this week that it will boost the quarterly payout to $0.22 per share, an increase of 7% for 2021.

The information contained herein does not take into account the particular investment objective or financial or other circumstances of any individual investor. An investment in our fund is suitable only for qualified investors that fully understand the risks of such an investment. An investor should review thoroughly with his or her adviser the funds definitive private placement memorandum before making an investment determination.

Our authors can publish views that we may or may not agree with, but they show their work, distinguish facts from opinions, and make sure their analysis is clear and in no way misleading or deceptive. Embedded in our assumptions as compared with the consensus, we forecast that replacement cycles will continue to elongate as differentiation between upgrades becomes more difficult. That was also the year that Apple’s iPhone sales peaked (which we don’t expect to be reached again until 2024). The high volume in 2015 provided for strong operating leverage (30.5% operating margin); however, the operating margin has since steadily declined. Following strong revenue growth in 2021, we expect that the sales growth rate will slow in 2022 to 3.5%, and we expect an average growth rate of 3.9% over the next three years. The iPhone titan has proven time and time again that its business is consistent and able to weather most storms.

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In addition, Apple’s ability to vertically integrate hardware and software “seamlessly” has continued to wow us. Apple’s Silicon Engineering Group is a leading chip designer that demonstrated Apple’s prescience to move away from Intel for its chips. It has allowed Apple tremendous leverage to customize its chips and expand its scope of products with multiple permutations. And Apple’s customized silicon has continued to dazzle its users. Couple its vertical integration with its iOS gatekeeper role, we believe that Apple’s moat is unique.

How to buy stocks for additional details on making stock purchases. Brokerage account in about 15 minutes, and the process is similar to signing up for a checking or savings account. The reason to invest in anything is to reap profits from the potential upside. We’re still in the early innings of mainstream 5G penetration — its coverage only reached 25% of the population by the end of 2021.


The increase in our gross margin assumption is driven by a combination of mix-shift to higher-end iPhones as well as an increase in the proportion of overall sales of Services, both of which have higher margins. In addition, Apple has brought in-house the design capabilities to develop its own semiconductor chips, which should lower costs. One of the things that people sometimes worry about is investing in a company too much and then being stuck with a bunch of useless products one day when that company goes kaput. Rowan Street Capital, LLC is a private investment fund focused on long-term ownership of a few “extraordinary” businesses.

While we hold stocks for the long-term, we also use appropriate opportunities to benefit from short- to medium-term swings, leveraging long or short set-ups. Furthermore, the company’s exposure to TSMC as its sole foundry also lends itself to political risks concerning China. Some investors have also been concerned about whether China would consider a potential invasion of Taiwan in the future. Therefore, if Russia was successful in its war against Ukraine, these investors think that China could be emboldened to attempt an invasion against Taiwan.

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