What does IIRC mean?

IIRC is the likely response to an acronym WYM. IIRC is the abbreviated term for the phrase If I Remember Correctly. Unlike the other answers, this one here thrives on getting their point cleared without any sort of BS involved. The reason being you might have half the idea about the topic of conversation, and it is your right to get the full information.

This acronym has found its use in a lot of apps that support texting like WhatsApp, Hike, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook messenger. It isn’t however very commonly used when it comes to hashtags, statuses or as posts.


Alternate words for IIRC

  1. IIUC- If I Understand Correctly
  2. AFAIR- As Far As I Remember
  3. AFAIK- As Far As I Know
  4. AFAICU- As Far As I Can Understand
  5. AFAICT- As Far As I Can Tell

Alternate meanings of IIRC

  1. If I Recall Correctly
  2. If I am Remembering Correctly
  3. If I Really Cared
  4. It Is Really Cool
  5. Information Integrity Research Centre
  6. Image Identity Review Committee
  7. Islamic Institute of Religion and Culture
  8. International Intersociety Research Committee
  9. If It Really Counts
  10. If I Recollect Clearly


IIRC or iirc is how it is written, i.e. both in upper and lower cases. This particular acronym is used when you are trying to make a point when you are thrown a WYM question. In this situation, both you and the person on the receiving end don’t have enough understanding of the conversation, and both of you seek what the full information is.

Another situation where it is used is while answering a question posted online on a social forum or just by your friends on a group chat. You use this acronym as an attempt to make them understand that you might not remember the whole thing, but you are giving out the information that you know.

An IIRC situation comes out when you aren’t sure, but you do not want to give away some false news since that can create trouble on your end.


Example 1:

Person 1: Do you remember where I kept my Socks?

Person 2: IIRC, I think you left them in the drying area.

Example 2:

Person 1: Would you be willing to take a short vacation?

Person 2: WYM?

Person 1: All I mean is, let Linda handle your department for a while as she does an excellent presentation.


Person 2: IIRC, she was the one who blew up your office with a blow torch and presented wrong statistics to the committee. So, no thanks.

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