What does IKR mean?

The antonym of the acronym IDK, IKR is the abbreviated term for the phrase I Know Right! This abbreviation automatically brings joy to your face every time you say it, write it or even think about it. Unlike IDK, which gives you a hint of denial, you can always look at IKR as a more positive response. Something you can share or agree upon.

The slang is a common phrase amongst teens and adults as well. It is a common thing today to notice it in the meme culture as well. But mostly it is used in texting the most.


The Origin Story

IKR as a phrase per say was noticed at first during the early 1990s when people started using it in their daily communication. However, its digital appearance did not happen until 2004. Especially when the movie Mean Girls came out, it contributed to its popularity.

Ever since then, the acronym has never taken a back seat nor is it gone and forgotten. It has somewhat become an everyday language to all of us.

Alternate words for IKR

  1. AFAIK- As Far As I Know
  2. AIKRN- All I Know Right Now
  3. BKA- Better Known As
  4. AYK- As You Know
  5. IKRish (when you aren’t too sure while agreeing)
  6. IKRite- I know Right

Alternate meanings of IKR

  1. Indoor Kart Racing
  2. I Kan Run
  3. International Knowledge Registry
  4. International Koala Reserve
  5. Institute of Kiswahili Research


The slang is used when you already know something or agree with someone about something with just as equal enthusiasm. It acts as a learnt response that we make about a fact that cannot be changed at all. IKR is like a connector slash matchmaker. You connect to different people who share your beliefs and assures you that someone believes in you.

Thought the phrase I know, is a straightforward and easily understandable phrase. It is the Right that makes it unique. When you write IKR instead of IK, it helps a person to gain confidence in you. It is surprising, but a word can make a lot of difference.


Example 1:

Person 1: I don’t understand if Jenny’s phone is annoying or she herself is.


Person 2: IKR!!!

Example 2:

Person 1: I need a man in my life just like Ezra from PLL (pretty little liars)!

Person 2: OH GODDD IKR! He is the sweetest!

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